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Hardened cabbage with pork chops and mussels

Hardened cabbage with pork chops and mussels

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The cabbage is removed from the barrel, cleaned and finely chopped. Wash in two or three waters to soften the salty and sour taste.

Put the halves and the rind in a frying pan and then take them out on a plate.

In a saucepan, fry the two onions in 30 g of oil. After they have browned a little, add the cabbage, the paprika and the scallops. Make up to volume with water and bring to the boil. If necessary, add more water. After it has "decreased", at the end add the tomato juice, pepper and greens.

Good appetite!

I peeked into the stars' refrigerator

Freedom shows you how the VIPs prepared for the winter holidays.

Drum, sausageii homemade, bacon or caltaboşii, along with traditionnational pickles will be present on the tables of local celebrities for the holidays.

Freedom persuaded some of them to open their refrigerators to see how they prepared for Christmas. Adriana Bahmuţeanu and Silviu Prigoană, the fiddler Adi Caval, the manelist Florin Salam and the fashion designers Flora Năstase and Cătălin Botezatu also told us aboutI spent money to prepare a meal properly.

At Christmas, Florin Salam eats chicken and dairy

This year, Florin Salam celebrates Christmas today, because tomorrow, December 22, he will leave for America, in a 6-month tour. And because it is the first year he will be away from his family, Salam does not want to overlook any tradition, such as decorating the Christmas tree or gifts for loved ones, so he started preparing a little earlier. He was shopping the other day, and Libertatea shows you what his family will put on the table for the holidays.

Although the pig is slaughtered at Christmas, Florin prefers to eat chicken. The manelist filled his refrigerator with many yogurts, cheeses, fruits and vegetables. & # 8220My whole family eats light food. Probably there will be some pork steaks, some rinds or the traditional drum on the table on Christmas day. But the chicken is much more appreciated by us & # 8221, concluded the star, who spent around 1,500 euros.

The fiddler of the Steaua players adores the meatÞyl

Adi Caval, the favorite fiddler of the footballers from Steaua, prepared with his family a traditional Christmas, with caltabos, sausages, ham, pickles and a good country wine.

The singer invited us to see his refrigerator, where we found prepared food, mostly in the house.

Adi spent about 1,000 euros on Christmas food. & # 8220Every year, my wife and mother-in-law prepare my best pickles and the tastiest sausages & # 8221, the singer told us, happy that this year, during the holidays, his family has grown with another member: he was born the second son.

Flora Năstase prefers fish

Because she gave up pork dishes, the designer Flora Năstase will prepare a Christmas meal without sauerkraut, sausage or caltabosi.

The star says she prefers fish meat and seafood, so her fridge is stuffed with salmon, carp, pikeperch, octopus, cuttlefish, Manchurian caviar.

An important place is occupied by vegetables and fruits.

The wines and champagne are in a special compartment in the kitchen. In total, Flora spent € 2,000 for the Christmas meal.

Bahmu stocked up on mice, bacon and brandy

Adriana Bahmuoeeanu spends Christmas with her family. She has already prepared a lot of dishes, because Silviu Prigoană is a fan of home-cooked dishes, even by his partner.

& # 8220I filled the fridge in time. We have mice, homemade sausages, bacon, olives, cheese, brandy, a lot of sausages. We eat scallops every day, so they will be present at the Christmas table. We will match them with pickles, also homemade. With the renovation of the house, we built a cellar in the yard, where we can take care of them. I prepared them: I put two jars of donuts and three barrels of cabbage & # 8221, says Adriana.

& # 8220At Christmas I will make sarmale, pie, drum and belly soup, because we will have muleei invitaoei. Relatives, relatives, friends will come, so I have to prepare well & # 8221, says Adriana, who spent 4,000 euros.

Cătălin Botezatu has drinks of € 3,000

Because he is a restaurant owner and usually eats at work, the designer Cătălin Botezatu does not make many supplies at home, but sheep in the fridge only what is strictly necessary for a frugal meal, in the morning, or when he arrives home very late.

So, even near the holidays, Cătălin's refrigerator knows only some of his favorite delicacies and many varieties of wine.

& # 8220I donâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; t eat much at home, but I wanted to be somewhat prepared, especially with wines, if friends visit me. OEin very much to always have quality wines at hand & # 8221, said the well-known fashion designer. In his fridge I found anchovies, smoked mussels, goose liver pâté produced in Franoea, cheeses, asparagus, endives, fruit, but also a Nicolas Feuillatte champagne, limited series (a bottle reaching 2,000 euros), Veuve Clicquot champagne, wines de Bordeaux, Bourgogne, fine liqueurs, and a wine produced in 1977.

In total, the goodies in Cătălin's kitchen reach about 4,000 euros, of which only the wines cost about 3,000 euros.

SLĂNINUȚĂ & # 8211 13 traditional recipes


Ingredient & amp Method of preparation: Keep the pieces of bacon with salt on them for 3-4 days. Peel them with salt, pierce them at one end, tie them with string and hang them on a clean stick in the cold pantry for a day, then hang the stick with the pieces of bacon in the attic, in hot smoke, for 3-4 days. The smoke temperature should not exceed 18-20 o C, because the bacon melts easily.

Ingredient & amp Method of preparation: Garlic smoked bacon is prepared from salted bacon from which the salt is shaken. It is cut into pieces 30-50 cm long and 10-15 cm wide from 2-4 cm thick bacon. The pieces of bacon are salted in lukewarm water for an hour, then in cold water for a quarter of an hour. Then the pieces tied with string are whipped, stuffed with garlic cloves, cloves and allspice seeds, then smoked. After 2-3 days their color becomes reddish-yellow and the smoking is considered finished. The smoke temperature must not be higher than the room temperature.

If we make it wide, we make it with pork roll with breaded ribs and smoked sausages!

I know nothing better for Christmas than a crafty scallop paste, served with red onions on a slice of black bread !:

Invented, it seems, by outlaws but cherished by all lustful people:


Ingredient & amp Method of preparation: White bacon or salted bacon is prepared from the bacon on the back of the pig. The bacon cut into long strips of four or five palms, one or two fingers thick, with smooth edges, is rubbed well with table salt in the salting bowl, so as not to touch the bottom of the bowl. The pieces are placed as close together as possible, without air gaps, in order to avoid rancidity. Cover and place in a cool, dark place. After 10-12 days, remove the pieces of bacon from the bowl, rub them with salt again and place them back in the bowl, but in the reverse order of how they were first placed. After another 12 days, the bacon is ready to mature. It is kept, well salted, with the pieces placed tightly on top of each other in a cool and dark place, free of drafts. Let's not be afraid to add as much coarse salt and paprika as possible, because the bacon absorbs only as much as is necessary for saturation, giving it a pleasant taste.


Method of preparation: Cut the bacon into narrow, long strips, rub it well with coarse salt, place it in a wooden or plastic bowl in which you put board slats. Place the pieces on top of each other without gaps between them, put a board with a weight on top. After 10 days, take out the pieces, place them on the cross, cover the bowl for another 10 days. Take out the pieces prepared in this way, hang them on the beam, eat them as an appetizer, with onion, mustard or garlic. It is not prepared in brine.

Ingredient & amp Method of preparation: Put the beautiful bacon (with layers of meat) through the paprika after sitting on a large table, in a cold room, with salt and saltpetre (silitre or potassium nitrate) on it. While salting, turn the bacon over often and change its place. Remove it from the salt (remove the salt from the entire surface with a knife), wipe it with a clean towel and pass it through the paprika. You keep it smoking for a few days.

Ingredient & amp Method of preparation: Pieces of bacon 2-3 cm thick are salted and put in a wooden bowl for 6-7 days. On the third day, the pieces are turned so that those that were on top reach the bottom of the vessel. After removing them from the salt, wash the pieces and put the strings, then boil them for half an hour in boiling water. After boiling, sprinkle the bacon with paprika (15 g / kg) and crushed garlic (1 head / kg), then hang for drying.


Ingredient & amp Method of preparation: Bacon with marjoram is prepared from ribs with rind. The pieces are kept in medium brine for 8 days. On the fourth day, the pieces of bacon return. After removing from the brine, they are kept on low heat for an hour, in water seasoned with allspice, marjoram, bay leaves and pepper. The water should not boil. After boiling, sprinkle the bacon with paprika and let it dry in the cold wind.

Pastor Teodoreanu believes that a successful cake can only be made with 50 country eggs! At least, that's what his grandmother did:
GHERLA bacon with coriander and juniper

Ingredient & amp Method of preparation: bacon rich with layers of meat is cut into pieces 15-20 cm wide, 30-35 cm long and rubbed with salt. Between the pieces, put coriander seeds and place in a wooden bowl. After three days, the bacon is put in brine in which 1-2 bay leaves, pepper, garlic, a lot of coriander and juniper are added. The brine should cover all the pieces of bacon well. The duration of keeping in brine is 8 days in the middle of the interval, the pieces are turned in brine, from top to bottom, reversing their order. After removing from the brine, wash, dry for a day and then for two or three days put in cold and weak smoke.


Ingredient & amp Method of preparation: This kind of bacon is prepared from the neck (goiter) of the aporc, fresh or salted, with rinds and layers of meat. Salt the salted bacon in water and boil it in unsalted but seasoned water. The fresh one is boiled in lightly salted and spiced water. In the boiling water, put a few peppercorns, allspice, a bay leaf, a little onion, garlic and coriander.
Boil the bacon in water that does not boil too hard and try with a fork when it is ready. Remove from the water, sprinkle with paprika and place in a cool place to dry.

LUNCH OF Mangalitza

Ingredient & amp Method of preparation: This kind of bacon is prepared from the back of the Mangalita black pig. The pieces, 30-40 cm long, 10-15 cm wide and 1.5 cm thick, are rubbed with salt and placed tightly in a wooden bowl. It lasts like this for six days. On the third day, the pieces return. After this dry salting, the pieces are placed for another week in a brine seasoned with marjoram and juniper. After the bacon has penetrated the brine, remove it from the bowl, clean the rind, wipe the pieces of bacon well and prepare them with a mixture of fine salt and crushed coriander or cloves.


Ingredient & amp Method of preparation: Choose the pieces of bacon, salt them for 3-4 days, then put them to boil in hot water in which you add: bay leaves, peppercorns, cloves, garlic, a glass of apple cider vinegar and honey, coriander. Boil without boiling until the fork penetrates easily. Let it cool in the juice in which it boiled, take it out and keep it cold until you bring it to the table.


Ingredient & amp Method of preparation: Cut strips of 30 & # 21520 cm from the rib and thin to a thickness of 2-3 cm. The pieces are rubbed with salt and salted once more when placed in a wooden bowl. Salting lasts six days, but after three days the pieces return. After six days, the pieces are washed, washed and kept in warm water for 60 minutes. After that, the bacon is rubbed with crushed garlic and red pepper, then hung in the wind for cooling and whipping.


Ingredients & Preparation: It is prepared from bacon on the belly of pigs of about 100-120 kg. From the chilled bacon, remove the ribs and cut into pieces 35-40 cm long and 15-20 cm wide. The pieces of bacon are rubbed with salt and placed tightly in a wooden bowl (ciubăr). After three days, they are put in another brine, in which they add crushed garlic, bay leaves and pepper. The pieces of bacon are kept in brine for eight days, and the fourth day they are returned. After removing from the brine, wash in lukewarm water, strain and smoke until they become dark red.

Many other unique recipes in Dan-Silviu Boerescu's book "Pig alms and other secrets of the Christmas kitchen”From Bucătărescu collection, edited by Integral , available at the promotional price of 17 lei. More books in the collection available on

Pack of books Bucătărescu I only 70 lei & # 8211 7 titles!

Pack of books Bucătărescu II only 70 lei & # 8211 7 titles!

Peter names for the same product prepared after cutting the pork, from its entrails boiled and chopped. The composition of caltaboş differs depending on the region and may or may not contain rice and pieces of bacon. This food contains 307 calories per 100 grams, representing 15.35% of the total recommended 2,000 calories daily.

Lebărul (germ. liverwurst) is another traditional dish on the Christmas table. It is an organ-based dish - especially liver seasoned with many spices, prepared according to various recipes and very popular in many European countries.

This food contains 175 calories per 100 grams, representing 8.75% of the total recommended 2,000 calories daily.

Sausages, caltabosh, jumari, mussels and pork alms, at the Open Air Museum in Dumbrava Sibiului

Visitors to the Open Air Museum in Dumbrava Sibiului have the opportunity, this weekend, to eat and buy for their home, sausages, caltaboş, jumari, drum, mice and portions of pork alms.

All these goodies are prepared and sold at the Ignat Country Fair, according to a press release sent to AGERPRES.

"ASTRA Winter Traditions and the Ignat Country Fair bring back to the Museum the beautiful memories and tastes from childhood. Such events offer visitors new experiences through which they can feel the atmosphere of the old village. Here we have traditions, customs, carols, but also the indispensable ones. Christmas dishes, such as sausages, caltaboş, jumari, toba and other goodies, as well as the alms of the pig, which together with the fresh mouse were the first delicacies with which the households woke up early in the morning to be able to prepare all the necessary dishes until next year. Visitors will be invited to taste these dishes made in the gastronomic workshops ", said the director of the Open Air Museum from Dumbrava Sibiului, George Tomegea.

During the gastronomic workshops, visitors will be able to learn how to prepare traditional dishes from Dan Limbăşan, a producer of pork products, Mangaliţa breed. Also, the festive atmosphere will be maintained by 11 folk music performers, an interactive theater troupe and five vocal-instrumental groups.

What nutritionists recommend to do before consuming mice

The same nutrition consultant recommends the consumption of pork muscle or leg, it disappears, in addition to the amount of protein, it also contains B vitamins, but also a lot of iron. Pork liver is also excellent for those who are deficient in iron and B vitamins. Those who have gout, on the other hand, should avoid it.

"The mouse is the same as the chicken skin that most people throw away. It does not have the nutritional value of meat because it is made of connective tissue ", adds the nutritionist Corina Zugravu.

Doctors recommend that the fat on the mice be scraped as well as possible, so the number of calories will decrease considerably.

Searches in 6 counties and Bucharest, for persons suspected of tax evasion, with a damage of 3 million euros. How the criminal group acted

Police officers from the Economic Crime Investigation Directorate carried out 49 searches in two criminal cases targeting two criminal groups that used phantom companies to purchase goods.

In the first of the two cases, investigated under the coordination of the Prosecutor's Office attached to the Bucharest Tribunal, the police officers specialized in investigating economic crimes carry out 35 home searches in Bucharest and in the counties of Ilfov, Ialomița, Vâlcea, Dolj, Cluj.

The activities concern a group suspected of tax evasion through intra-Community acquisitions of goods, in particular textiles, supplied from the Community. The goods were subsequently processed and traded online and through courier companies as finished products (clothing), without being declared and paid to the state budget the taxes and duties resulting from these commercial operations.

The estimated damage of approximately 3,000,000 euros

In order to evade possible controls by the tax and judicial authorities, but also to conceal the true origin of the raw materials and illicit revenues obtained from evasionist activities, the members of the group allegedly acted on behalf of ghost companies. Through them, using successive transfers, he would have managed to appropriate the money from the criminal activity.

The group in question acted during 2016 & # 8211 2020, carrying out the criminal activity through 27 companies, in the name of which clothing items were sold online, which were delivered through courier companies with cash on delivery. Subsequently, the amounts thus collected were successively transferred and withdrawn in cash from the ATMs of some banking units and appropriated by the members of the group.

In the second case in which the police officers of the Economic Crime Investigation Directorate carry out 14 searches, there is a reasonable suspicion that, during 2019-2020, several people implemented an evasion mechanism, in order to obtain tax advantages ( VAT and profit tax due to the state), by committing the offenses of tax evasion, within the activity of "import-cargo" carried out through 7 companies.

The criminal activity consisted in carrying out a circuit of fictitious commercial transactions with clothing, textiles, footwear, toys and household items, imported (Turkey and China), at the request of real customers / beneficiaries in Romania.

The goods were transported in groupage / cargo (several packages for different beneficiaries, in the same transport), on the routes Turkey - Romania, respectively China - Romania (Port of Constanța) and finally recovered without drawing up tax documents or by drawing them up without actual content on the sale value and the actual buyer.

Thus, against the background of the requests for imported goods (Turkey and China) made by the final customers / beneficiaries who actually worked in various shopping centers in Romania, but who did not choose or did not have the financial and logistical capacity to import directly, the importing companies, controlled by the members of the group, would have intervened to be suppliers to those customers.

Between January and October 2019, through the 7 companies, 82 imports were made, with a value declared in customs in the total amount of 12,577,721 lei (2,977,067 USD).

At the same time as the interruption of the import activity through these companies, the persons actually coordinating the companies would have designed and implemented a new mode of operation, through which the import goods, originating in Turkey, would be brought into the country and delivered to the beneficiaries.

Thus, a written, fictitious circuit of documents was created on the route Turkey - Bulgaria - Romania - Hungary - Romania - Bulgaria. Finally, the goods that were in customs or intra-community transit in Romania were illegally unloaded in the country and delivered without documents of origin to the clients / beneficiaries who had ordered them.

To date, 20 such shipments have been identified. The estimated damage in question is 3,000,000 euros.

The two groups used the same logistics base of phantom-type companies

The action, coordinated by the Economic Crime Investigation Directorate, is carried out with the support of police officers specialized in investigating economic crime within the D.G.P.M.B., I.P.J. Ilfov, I.PJ. Ialomița, I.P.J. Dolj, I.P.J. Valcea, I.P.J. Cluj, forensic specialists from the National Institute of Forensics, S.I.A.S. fighters, as well as inspectors from the General Directorate of Fiscal Antifraud and gendarmes from the Special Intervention Brigade of the Gendarmerie.

The specialized support was provided by the Special Operations Directorate of the Romanian Police.

If you liked the article and want to know what we write:

1. Pig alms is meant to be a meal of gratitude because we have been helped to cut the pig by a relative, a neighbor, a friend or all together. To get enough aid, choose 2 kg of meat of all categories, cut large mouthfuls and put in a saucepan, fried. The meat must be varied & stuffed, breaded and fatter - able to leave lard, fat, because we will not use oil. After the meat has been covered in heat, stir to add a little color and then add a cup of water. We give it a high salt powder, put a lid on the pan and leave it on the right heat to soften. From time to time, we check and stir so that it doesn't drop at all and stick. If the water has dropped and the meat has not yet softened, add some more water.

2. We clean 2 heads of Romanian garlic, we crush the puppies with a little salt and we make a peasant mujdei, from the long one with water. In a cauldron we put salt water, a cornmeal powder and when it starts to boil we put the cornmeal at most yellow and work a fluffy polenta. During this time the aids almost finished cleaning, cutting, sorting, carrying the meat. The ham is chosen, a part of the rind is peeled and given salt, the fat goes to the scallops and lard, the organs to the mats, the knobs and the drum, one leg goes to the brine and then smoked to the ham, etc.

3. The meat is ready, the sauce is ready, the polenta is turned upside down and covered with a towel. We are still waiting for the brandy that is already on the fire, with pepper, some cloves and some walnut kernels. In addition to leaving the aromatic oil in the brandy, the walnut kernel also becomes a good gastric bandage. Until the brandy is boiling, quickly go down to the cellar and take out a large and sufficient bowl with assorted pickles: gogonele, cucumbers, beets, celery, carrots, cabbage, peppers.

4. When all the meat has been put well and only a few noisy chickens are left after the pig, all the deserving ones eat the pig's alms and drink a cup of boiled brandy. I won't go into details about how to make mujdei, polenta, pickles and meat. Everyone is doing well.

That's what I remember about the pig alms eaten over the years & # 821780 and the pleasant memory urges me to try, later, a pale replica of the alms, even in two weeks or two decades. To end this alms optimistically and cheerfully, I am waiting for you to tell me what you have chosen: love, dishes or alms?

1. We cut three long slices of ham in Oltenia or bacon, cliché, bacon in Transylvania and Moldova. We cut them in width, the squares, up to the mice and put them in a hot pan without oil. The slices of ham will brown and leave lard in the pan. At the same time, due to the notches, they arch with the frying of the mouse, which becomes crispy. Once crispy, remove from the pan and set aside.

2. Crush the hard polenta in the pan with the lard left by the ham and fry it for # 1011 10-15 minutes & # 8211 until it becomes a little crispy and starts to turn caramel after browning.

The polenta will absorb all the lard and will crumble more.

3. Place the fried polenta in a larger plate, fry two eggs and together with the fried ham, place over the hot polenta. It can be garnished with green onions or leek slices and given a sourness. Drink light, rosé wine, like a southern tomato.

It is lardy, perhaps too heavy and undesirable for our energy consumption, which does not compare to the consumption of our elders, ours, who woke up when the roosters sang and did not sit on their hands all day. Then we pull it closer to our times and instead of lard, we fry the polenta in butter, instead of bacon we can put some mouthfuls of kaiser or ribs. We can crumble some cheese over the polenta in the pan and we can make the eggs, over all of them, in the frying pan. On this base of polenta fried in butter that has an excellent taste & # 8211 we can embody any edible fantasy.

An old delicacy called JUMĂRI PASTA

Using mice with a little bacon, you can make the best crispy pork chops.

"If we want to have crispy scallops, we only need to use bacon with bacon. We should avoid using bacon with a little meat, because, in this case, the scallops come out a little tenderer ", says an experienced chef.

It explains that not many ingredients are needed, the recipe for crispy scallops is easy to prepare.

"We need bacon with rind, water and salt. The bacon is cut into small cubes, 4-6 centimeters. They are boiled in a bowl with enough salt and water to cover the cut pieces. After the water has evaporated and only the liquid lard will remain in the container, the pieces of bacon with rinds and leave a little to fry, just to come out crispy. The pairings are ready when the fork enters them ", says the Arad chef Adrian Pop.

The halves are removed with a spatula to allow the lard to drain. It can be stored in the refrigerator or pantry and used in various dishes.



1 kg of scallops not very strong
2 red onions
2 tablespoons sweet mustard
green pepper
sweet Boya
4 boiled eggs
4 tablespoons lard

Method of preparation:

The halves are given through the meat mincer. Chop onions and boiled eggs into very small cubes. Mix all the ingredients and mix with a little clean lard. Leave the obtained paste to cool for two hours. It is served spread on slices of warm and crispy black bread, decorated with slices of pickled cucumbers and squares of red pickles (donuts or kapia peppers).


I spent a week and even better as a guest in the town of Alcala de Henares, where he was born in the arms of his mother, Miguel de Cervantes. I even went to the memorial house, turned into a museum, and was forbidden in front of the bookcases, where Don Quixote was enthroned translated into eighty languages ​​of the earth. I was especially excited about the volume translated into Chinese, with ideograms written in gold. And because I felt the need to identify a little with Miguel and Don Quixote, I asked the museum curator to let me sit for a minute at my literary idol's desk. But how not! The curator said, he can sit still. (how not, you can rest easy).
And I sat down in a chair that squeaked annoyed by my hundred quintals and leaned against the desk top, plus a chest, inlaid with mother-of-pearl and veneer. There were also three drawers that I opened in turn, looking for I don't know what, under the desk was a copper bucket full of coal and in front of me sat a white stone inkwell without ink in it and three feathers. of goose. I touched all these things, with shyness but also with pride, saying in my mind, look, my mother's nature to be, where Uica Mihai arrived from the bottom of Banat, to sit at Miguel de Cervantes' table. And I swelled my feathers like a bull-killing killer.
But I was completely deflated when the curator told me that all visitors want to sit and sit at that desk and that Cervantes never used it and did not even write a line on it because he left when he was young. from home and didn't spend much time there.
So somewhat disappointed, I crossed the road to a restaurant called Sancho Panza and ordered fried pork ears and a glass of wine.
And I swelled up again.


Unii oameni pot să ronţăie din belşug ardei iute, dar nu suportă prăjelile. Încearcă tălică să le dai la cuptor, în tavă cu grătar, sau doar în tavă şi va ieşi cel puţin la fel de minunat

e foarte bun numai ca eu le pregatesc exact asa numai ca fara vin ,dar in timpul ce le prajesc nu le adaug nimic,in schimb la urma dupa ce le scot de pe foc le adaug usuroi pisat ,le amestec si sa vedeti ce sunt bune cu BERE ah!!

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