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Fry the finely chopped onion in oil, then add the meat and stir until it changes color. Add the vegetables and add water. Bring to a simmer until the water drops, then add the wine. Add the tomatoes and match the taste with salt and pepper. Leave it on the fire for about 5 more minutes, then set the pot aside.

In the form of clay, previously kept in water for about 30 minutes, the states are put as follows: lasagna sheet, cooking cream to cover it, meat composition, grated cheese and so on until the form is full. Place the foil, cream, grated cheese on top and put the dish in the hot oven. When the cheese has melted, remove the dish from the oven and grease the layer of melted cheese with beaten egg with 1 tablespoon of cooking cream and a teaspoon of tomato paste. Put the dish back in the oven until the delicious crust is formed.

Serve hot!

Although it just seems… .it's not hard to prepare at all.

Good appetite!