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Dessert pies with apricot jam and fried almonds

Dessert pies with apricot jam and fried almonds

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Heat the milk gently and mix with the sugar and vanilla sugar until they melt. Add the yeast, then mix. Put the margarine in a bowl and melt it in the microwave, then set it aside until it cools. We will use only the yellow part of the melted margarine, the one that rises above, the white one that remains at the bottom we remove.

In a bowl put the flour, salt, essences, clementine peel and the two eggs and with the help of the mixer with the attached spiral we start to mix at low speed, pouring a little of the milk mixture until we finish it. Add melted margarine, increase speed and knead for about 5 minutes.

Cover with a towel and leave to rise in a place away from currents for an hour.

Meanwhile, fry a little almonds in a pan, then chop them finely and mix them with the apricot jam.

When the dough has risen, put a little flour on the work surface and spread a sheet of suitable thickness from which we cut circles with a diameter of 8 cm. Fill each circle with a teaspoon of jam, then tighten the edges until they stick.

In a round tray with a diameter of 25 cm we put baking paper and place 8 pies with the part we glued down. Cover them with a towel and let them rise for about 30 minutes.

Then grease the egg yolk pies and put them in the oven at 180º C, for 25-30 minutes.

When they cool, I powder them with sugar.

Creamy with pie sheets

We remain in the & # 8220perimeter & # 8221 childhood with a dessert loved by all: cream. With its crunchy and powdered sugar sheets, filled with a generous layer of vanilla cream, this dessert that came to us with a name derived from the German language (& # 8220Cremeschnitte & # 8221), is just a variant of the famous & # 8220mille-feuille & # 8221 french. In Transylvania, the delicious cake is also known as & # 8220cremes & # 8221, a name derived from Hungarian, while in Sanda Marin's books we find it simply & # 8220cake with vanilla cream & # 8221. Either way, you have to admit that it is a very good dessert, apparently light (although the number of calories says otherwise) and quite easy to make.

Basically, you have three options at hand, starting with the use of commercially purchased cream sheets. On the other hand, you have the option of preparing the sheets at home, folded and stretched many times, until you get the dough with many layers (French dough), and between them, the option I chose: thin sheets of pie, & # 8220 spoiled & # 8221 with butter melted and carefully superimposed. If time and patience are not an issue, I invite you to take a look at the gala version of the popular dessert: Woven mille-feuille cake :).

And finally, two clarifications: 1. from the quantities below, I got a large bowl of Jena full of cream (about 1.2 kg), so adjust the quantities as desired 2. given the considerable amount of butter , I combined a 65% fat butter with an 80% fat one.

& # 8211 fine pie sheets 250 g
& # 8211 butter 100 g
& # 8211 milk 1 l
& # 8211 eggs 6 pcs.
& # 8211 galbenus 1 pc.
& # 8211 sugar cough 200 g
& # 8211 flour or cornstarch 40 g
& # 8211 vanilla pudding powder 70 g
& # 8211 vanilla sugar 2 1/2 sachets
& # 8211 old powder 15 g

Start with the preparation vanilla cream (pastry cream): heat the milk over low heat in a larger pot. In a bowl, put the 6 whole eggs and 200 g caster sugar. Mix well until the sugar melts and you get a yellow foam. Add vanilla sugar, pudding powder and flour / cornstarch. Homogenize. Start putting, little by little, hot milk. Continue until the temperature of the composition is close to that of the milk. Pour the composition over the milk in the pot and mix well. Stirring constantly with a whisk, leave until the cream thickens and reaches boiling point.

Turn off the heat and incorporate in the cream 20 g butter. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Grease a large dish of Jena or a tall tray with butter. Melt the remaining butter (in the microwave for efficiency). Take a first sheet of pie (taking care to keep the others covered with a damp towel, so as not to dry out) and place it in the bowl. Grease it with butter (with a brush), taking care that its edges cover the walls of the vessel / tray. Place another sheet over it, and grease with butter and so on, until you have put 4 sheets. Distribute half of the pastry cream evenly.

Place a sheet of pie over the cream, grease it with butter, and a sheet, then the rest of the cream. Fold the edges of the sheets inwards, over the cream. Place another sheet, but folded so that it fits perfectly with the dimensions of the vessel / tray (that is, there are no edges left on the walls of the vessel). Grease with butter and continue, until you put 4 sheets (you should have, 4-2-4 sheets). Beat the yolk and grease the surface of the cream. With the tip of a very sharp knife, lightly cut the cream into portions, but not all the way down, but only the layer of sheets on top (this way, you will cut the cake more easily after baking).

Put in the hot oven and leave for 40-45 minutes or until the leaves take on a beautiful yellow tint. Allow the cream to cool completely before cutting it. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and cut according to the previously made & # 8220marks & # 8221. The cream can be stored in the refrigerator for two to three days.

Nougat with honey and hazelnuts. A quick dessert that will remind you of childhood

Method of preparation: Break the hazelnuts, peel them and bake the seeds in the oven for about 10 minutes. After they are ripe, remove the skin from the surface of the stone and cut each hazelnut in half, or it can be left whole according to everyone's preference.

The honey melts in a bain-marie. Whisk the egg whites until they become white and firm. After the honey becomes liquid, add the egg whites and mix the ingredients well. It counts

melt the sugar in water and let it boil until it becomes a well-bound syrup. Over this syrup add honey with egg whites, hazelnuts, and continue mixing for about 5-10 minutes until boiling. The obtained nougat is placed in a tray lined with baking paper and left to harden completely for about 12 hours, then cut into the desired shapes.

Inspiration in the kitchen with apricot jam

Delicate, fragrant and super delicious, apricot jam is the perfect ally when you want to indulge in something sweet and refreshing. Consumed as such or in the most playful combinations, the sweetness will help you get through the hot summer days.

And because today is Friday and I'm already used to small ideas in the kitchen, here are three quick recipes to prepare with apricot jam:

Apricot jam with homemade cheese, cereal and yogurt
Early in the morning, before the little ones wake up, he runs to the kitchen and prepares a mix of fresh cheese, cereal, yogurt and apricot jam, only good for refreshing the sleepy.

Put a few teaspoons of cheese in the bowls, add a handful of cereal and 2-3 tablespoons of yogurt. At the end, pour the apricot jam, enough to cover and cheer up the mixture.

For an intense apricot flavor, you can cut a few cubes of fresh fruit and add at the end.

Mini Cheesecakes with apricot jam
A quick, delicious and very refreshing dessert. Perfect for the whole family and easy to prepare, the mini cakes are very handy when you want to enjoy the special taste of the Cheesecake, without preparing a whole tray.

All you need is sugar, butter, cottage cheese, digestive biscuits and apricot jam. Mix the butter well with the biscuits and then, with a spoon, put the mixture in small muffin tins. Put everything in the oven and leave them on medium heat for about 15 minutes.

Prepare the mixture of cheese, sugar and eggs and mix well until you get a homogeneous, light content, suitable for consistency. Add the mixture over the muffin tins in the oven and let them simmer for another 10 minutes.

Then take the mini cakes out of the oven, leave them to cool overnight, and in the morning pour a few teaspoons of apricot jam over each one. To keep the delicate aroma of the sweetness, heat it a little, before putting it over the mini cakes.

You will enjoy a delicate and very tasty dessert, which you will never get tired of.

Ice cream sandwich with apricot jam
A recipe that will pamper you with the cool and fragrant taste of apricots. Very easy to prepare, a recipe for which you only need: biscuits, almond butter, vanilla ice cream, some fresh apricots and a jar of apricot jam.

Put the small pieces of fruit in a bowl and then pour over them a few generous tablespoons of apricot jam. Mix them a little, to combine the freshness of the fruit with the aroma of sweetness and enjoy a special mix.

Then prepare a larger bowl or tray, depending on the amount of ice cream you want to have. Grease the walls of the container well with almond butter and then put a baking sheet to cover them up to half.

With a spoon, place the vanilla ice cream in the pan or bowl and then add the mixture of fresh fruit and apricot jam. Leave everything in the fridge for about 50 minutes, until the contents are homogeneous.

Remove from the fridge, cut the mixture into equal parts, suitable for the shape of the biscuits, and create the ice cream sandwiches. Put a biscuit, the mixture with ice cream and apricot jam and then another biscuit.

A cool sandwich, which you will fall in love with and you will want to prepare it during the long summer)

Recipe of the day: Apricot and almond jam cake

Apricot and almond jam cake from: almonds, salt, sugar, butter, egg, vanilla essence, flour, apricot jam.

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Apricot and almond jam cake


  • 1/2 cup almonds
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 1 cup unsalted butter
  • 1 or
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 1 1/4 dogs flour
  • 1/2 cup apricot jam
  • 1/3 cup sliced ​​almonds

Method of preparation:

Preheat the oven to 170C. Place baking paper in a tray. In a blender, add almonds, salt and sugar and process until smooth.

Add the egg and process again.

Stir in the essence and flour and process well.

Spread the dough evenly in the pan.

Add a layer of apricot jam.
Sprinkle with almonds.

Bake for 35-40 minutes. Remove from the oven and cool for one hour.

Cut and serve.

Dessert pies with apricot jam and fried almonds - Recipes

Here is a recipe prepared for the Epiphany.
Pie called "la galette des rois" is a very popular pie in France on the occasion of the Epiphany which is celebrated on January 6. It is prepared and served all January.

The epiphany symbolizes the announcement of the birth of Christ to the Magi, who came to see the newborn baby, bringing him gifts, gold, myrrh and incense.
The pie called "la galette des rois" is served on this day and was once divided into as many slices as there were diners, plus one. The extra slice, called "of the Good God" or "of the Virgin," was offered to the first poor man to appear before the family.
A current custom consists in hiding a figurine, representing a magician king, inside the pie, and the one of the diners who will discover the figurine in its portion will be the king of the day.

1 puff pastry dough
1 or +1 album
30 grams of sugar
80 g of almond powder
80 g of mango jam
40 gr of soft butter
1 egg yolk + 1 teaspoon cold milk
1 figurine + 1 crown

Hide the figurine and cover with the second sheet.
Cut the extra dough and weld the edges.
Decorate with a knife.

Grease the top sheet with beaten egg yolk and mix with 1 tablespoon of cold milk.

Prick with a toothpick or make a small hole in the middle.
Bake in the oven preheated to 180 ° C for 25 minutes.

It is served warm with cider (cider is a low alcoholic beverage 3 & # 8211 8%, obtained by fermenting fruits, especially apples or pears, but also quinces at a temperature of 4 & # 8211 16 & # 176 Celsius).

If you want a low carb recipe without puff pastry, here is a recipe.

Good dessert!

Mill and puff pastry rounds with almonds and apricots

Last recipe on which I propose to you this year in the Series of Christmas cookies, delicious, easy and quick to make and just right to impress Santa Claus, requires few ingredients, but a little more imagination. I say this referring to the shapes in which you can shape the foliage: millstones, stars, bows, boats, washers, rhombuses, & # 8220 wallets & # 8221, etc. I only made two options, mills and rounds, but you can play as you wish. Also, if you don't have or want to put almonds (although, I assure you, I give a special charm to the cookies), you can only use apricot jam (something more quantitative, obviously) and you can finish the dessert with a little ground cinnamon mixed with sugar (sprinkled over jam, before putting in the oven).

Going back to my version, in terms of ingredients, you need a good quality puff pastry and apricot compote (halves or whole). You will also need a homogeneous apricot jam and fried almonds, which you can peel if you want by scalding.

& # 8211 puff pastry dough 400 g
& # 8211 apricot compote 10 pcs. whole / 20 halves (200 g)
& # 8211 almonds 20 pcs. (20 g)
& # 8211 or 1 pc. small
& # 8211 apricot jam 60 g

Drain the apricots from the compote well and, if necessary, cut them in half. Roll out the dough sheet and straighten its edges into a rectangle (30 & # 21540 cm). Cut the sheet into 12 squares (about 10 cm wide). With a very sharp knife, cut each square diagonally, but not completely, but so that an uncut area of ​​a few centimeters remains in the center. In this area, place half an apricot and a midgala. Start folding the morists: start with the top side, the left corner, which you bring to the center. Do the same with the top right, bottom right and bottom left corners (basically, a corner is gathered towards the center, yes, one is not). Place the resulting millstones in a tray lined with baking paper. From the remaining dough, roll out the sheet again and cut the slices, about a centimeter larger than the apricot. In the center of the washer, place the almond and then the apricot, like a hat. Once all the puff pastry is finished, grease the mills and puck with beaten egg.

Let them cool for 30 minutes, during which time heat the oven to 220 degrees Celsius. Put them again with egg and put them in the oven. Leave them for 20-25 minutes or until the dough has swelled nicely and turned golden. Attention, in the second half of the time, check the puff pastry more often so as not to brown too much at the bottom (in which case you raise them to the top level of the oven)! When they are done, take them out of the oven and, while they are hot, grease them with apricot jam (with a brush, after homogenizing the jam beforehand).

Plum dumplings

That's right plum dumplings Were some of the sweets you ate most often and with the greatest pleasure as a child? That was the case with me.

There is no autumn without a portion of dumplings with plums and it does not exist even now. I make them every year, following my mother's recipe for dumplings with plums and semolina.

They come out very fluffy due to the semolina, and so good that I always stop only after the third galusca. Because I really like all the dumpling dough, I fill them with pretty small plum halves and I always eat the plum before, to stop what I like at the end, that is the crispy dough and breadcrumbs.

I stayed with this habit since childhood. Cristi prefers a balance between dough and plums so I made some dumplings with small plum halves and the others with larger plum halves.

Plum dumplings are known in some parts of the country as gomboti or knedle with plums. The dumpling dough is made from potatoes, flour, semolina, eggs and is usually stuffed with plums. I also ate apricot dumplings, they are delicious and very fragrant.

For the apricot dumpling dough, Grandma used a cow's cheese dough, similar to the dough for boiled papansi.

After boiling, roll the dumplings in a mixture of breadcrumbs fried in butter and sugar.

The sugar is always added after we turn off the heat, in the hot breadcrumbs, and mix well.

What kind of potatoes do we use for plum dumplings?

For some successful plum dumplings, we must use old floury white potatoes, by no means new potatoes and, likewise, I do not recommend red potatoes. Potatoes for dumplings should be boiled in their skins. If we clean and cut them into pieces, they will absorb water during boiling, and the dough will need much more flour to bind.

What plums do we use for dumplings?

I use Romanian plums for dumplings, they seem to me the most suitable for this traditional dessert. When I was little, I picked them from the yard and it seemed like the dumplings tasted even better. No matter where you buy your plums, if you want to enjoy some fluffy and tasty dumplings, they must be well cooked (if you like plums as much as I do, try the recipe for Plum Cake and Crumble hazelnuts, one of my favorites).

And if you want to try a more original taste, try replacing plums with black figs small whole. Last year, because I had a lot of figs, I said to make a round of dumplings with the smallest of them. They came out wonderful! So tasty, this year I will definitely make a portion of dumplings with plums and one with figs.

I invite you to try your mother's recipe for dumplings with plums. It's very simple and, if you follow the tips below, it will turn out wonderfully tasty.

I look forward to you telling me how you felt.

Ingredients & # 8211 Plum dumplings ( gomboti) & # 8211 12 pcs. big

  • 700 g old floury white potatoes
  • 150 & # 8211 160 g flour
  • 2 medium eggs
  • 50 & # 8211 60 g gray
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 180 g breadcrumbs (pt tablet)
  • about 70 -75 g of sugar (for rolls)
  • 40 g butter (for breadcrumbs)
  • 6 plums
  • 2-3 tablespoons sugar (for plums)

Preparation & # 8211 Dumplings (plums) with plums

  • For starters, wash the plums, wipe them well and cut them in half. We put them in a plate and powder them with 2-3 tablespoons of sugar.
  • We wash the potatoes and boil them whole, we don't clean them and we don't cut them. Boil the potatoes over low heat, this way you avoid cracking the peel. If we have a cracked skin, the potato absorbs water and the dough will swallow more flour. I usually boil more potatoes, if one cracks, you can choose another potato with the skin intact. After the potatoes have boiled, take them out of the water and let them cool.

If you have boiled potatoes and you don't know what to do with them, I recommend you try these Pan-fried Potato Pies or Potato Dumplings and Cream Sauce.

  • While the potatoes are boiling, melt the butter in a non-stick pan over low heat and add the breadcrumbs. Brown it over low heat for a few minutes. When it turns golden, turn off the heat and add the sugar. Sugar is always added after we turn off the heat. I always used caster sugar, not powdered sugar. I love the crunchy combination of breadcrumbs and caster sugar! If you want, you can add a little cinnamon in the breadcrumbs, I personally prefer only breadcrumbs and sugar. Mix well and let it cool completely.
  • After they have cooled, we clean the potatoes and put them through the grater with small holes. Add eggs, salt, flour and semolina and mix. We will get a sticky but homogeneous dough.
  • I do not advise you to add more flour because the dumplings will be hard after boiling. Only if the dough is extremely wet, we can add a maximum of 1 tablespoon of flour and 1 tablespoon of semolina. The consistency of the dough should be slightly sticky. Don't worry, the dumplings will shape without problems, if we have our hands permanently watered.

  • We fill a pot with water and boil it. When it starts to boil, add 1 tablespoon of oil and ½ teaspoon grated salt.
  • With wet hands (after each dumpling, we wet our hands with water again), break the pieces of dough and flatten them. We put half a plum in the center of each one, then we close the dough and give it a dumpling shape.
  • We place the plum dumplings formed on a flat plate also watered with water. The dumplings will sit quietly on the plate, without sticking to it, until they are boiled.
  • Put the dumplings in the pot, 3-4 at a time, and boil them until they rise to the surface on their own. We don't boil a lot of dumplings at once because they can stick together. Remove them with a spatula with holes and put them directly in the breadcrumbs. We rotate them on all sides, so that they are perfectly wrapped in crispy breadcrumbs.

  • Serve the plum dumplings immediately, hot, or let them cool. I like cold, but I never refuse a hot plum dumpling.

Take full advantage of these wonderful fruits!

Plums are not only delicious, but also very healthy. They are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, K, potassium and fiber. They stimulate memory, prevent heart disease and diabetes, fight anemia, treat constipation and are full of good carbohydrates.

(P) 3 tourist destinations for gourmets

We offer you 3 ideal holiday destinations for gourmets, where you will have exceptional culinary experiences everywhere:


A culinary landscape that combines Lebanese, Iranian and Arab influences, Dubai is the perfect destination for lovers of good food, be they vegetarians, lovers of sweet and strongly flavored desserts or holiday lovers sprinkled with spicy dishes.

What to eat in Dubai:

If you like donuts, you should try Luqaimat. These delicious dumplings, with sweet date sauce and sesame seeds, can be enjoyed for breakfast, along with a hot Turkish coffee.

Doesn't a day go by without your craving for pizza? Your taste buds will definitely appreciate a Manousheh - a local specialty with exotic toppings, such as Akkawi cheese, Za & rsquoatar, Labneh or lamb.

Are you still not convinced of the culinary potential of this destination? Well, a preparation that will make you guaranteed to book a flight from Bucharest to Dubai quickly is & ldquopainea harem & rdquo; Esh Asaraya is a dessert with a cheesecake texture, which hides, under a generous layer of ground pistachio, plenty of syrup, caramel and an enticing aroma of water of roses and orange blossoms.


Are you looking for a destination full of tourist attractions that will offer you the opportunity to explore a special local gastronomy? We recommend a visit to Spain, more precisely to Malaga and the surrounding areas, where we guarantee that you will have culinary experiences that will change your perception of some seemingly trivial ingredients, such as grapes or almonds.

What to eat in Malaga:

Do you like seafood? Then you have to start the culinary foray into Malaga with a traditional dish. A tempting portion of Gambas Pil Pil will convince you how surprising shrimp can be in the company of the right ingredients. Spanish favorites, Pil Pil shrimp are cooked quickly and served with a hot sauce with a subtle smoky aroma, obtained from garlic, hot pepper flakes, smoked sweet paprika, parsley and olive oil. The dish is served hot, with fresh bread and a glass of red wine.

Sweets lovers must try the Malaguena Tart, a dessert prepared with almonds and sweet Malaga wine & ndash two of the gastronomic attractions of this region.

The cake also surprises with its fruity aroma, given by the apricot jam. Serve sprinkled with almond flakes and raisins.

Of course, you can't visit Malaga without trying a cold soup, but we will not recommend the well-known gazpacho, but the predecessor of the famous Spanish tomato soup. Specific to the region, Ajoblanco soup appeared before tomatoes were available among local ingredients and has a name that would translate simply: & ldquousturoi alb & rdquo.

As simple as it is delicious, this cold garlic soup is made from peeled and fried almonds, ground and mixed with olive oil, garlic and water or milk. Ajoblanco is often served garnished with grapes, cucumbers or hot peppers.


Japan offers gourmets countless surprises when it comes to culinary experiences. If you want to go safe, opt for Dotonbori, Osaka Street which has rightly become one of the main tourist attractions in the region. Street food lovers will feel at ease here, because they can taste, in turn, various dishes from a wide range of traditional Japanese specialties.

What to eat in Osaka:

The name of the dish can be translated as "how do you like it" or "what do you like, fried" and what gourmet who respects himself would refuse such an offer?

Known as the salty version of Japanese pancakes or, more simply, & ldquopizza Japanese & rdquo, Okonomiyaki brings a little omelette, but will surprise you with the variety of ingredients and spices included, from the specific sauce of the same name to dried seaweed, Japanese mayonnaise or Katsuobushi (dry, fermented and smoked tuna flakes).

If you liked Okonomiyaki, you should definitely try a portion of Negiyaki, another versatile dish that replaces cabbage strips with Negi, an ingredient similar to green onions.

What is special about this preparation? Negiyaki has sweet and salty aromas, harmoniously combined with a drop of lemon juice. In some places, a special olive sauce is included in the preparation. The enticing smell of these & ldquoimbuibate & rdquo pancakes with surprising ingredients will surely whet your appetite as soon as you step on Dotonbori Street in Osaka for the first time.

In terms of street food, another Osaka specialty that you should try is a kind of fried meatball, wrapped in Takoyaki sauce and often accompanied by mayonnaise and Katsuobushi flakes.

Containing? The preparation is obtained from fried dough, pieces of octopus, pickled ginger and green onions. Takoyaki sauce is the one that completes the complex aroma of the preparation, through the spicy, sweet and sour accents, specific to Japanese gastronomy.

If you have decided to list at least one of the gastronomic tourist destinations presented above, you must keep in mind that the dishes described are just a few of the dozens of specialties that you will be tempted to try when you arrive in Dubai, Malaga. or Osaka. You will definitely return from your culinary holiday with at least one recipe that you will want to prepare for your loved ones!

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