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Sauteed eggplant, zucchini, pineapple and soybeans & Cous - cous

Sauteed eggplant, zucchini, pineapple and soybeans & Cous - cous

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Prepare the vegetables:

- the onion is cut into juliennes;

- the zucchini is divided into two, half is cut into thin slices, and to cut the other half I used the economy knife;

- Grate the garlic and ginger;

- the pineapple is cut into small triangles;

-wash soybeans;

- the eggplant is peeled, cut into 8, then triangles, sprinkled with a little lemon juice so as not to oxidize;

Heat the pan, add olive oil and a little sunflower oil, after it has warmed, heat the onion a little;

- Garlic and ginger, cook for 1 minute;

- Add the pineapple, after 1-2 minutes the eggplant, melt everything with the juice of 3/4 lemon after another 3-4 minutes the part of the sliced ​​zucchini;

- At the end add the soybean sprouts and half of the zucchini cut with the help of the economy knife;

Season with salt, a teaspoon of thyme, 2 cloves and when everything is ready fresh basil and pepper.


In a saucepan put salt, a little pepper, olive oil, the measure of couscous over which add boiling water (2 measures). Cover and leave for 10 minutes.

Put everything nicely on the plate, with or without couscous and ... Attack!


You can also throw a few flax seeds on top ... you will say: "And this with her seeds?! .." Yes, she too ... You can sprinkle with a few drops of olive oil and / or lemon juice .

PS. I'm curious who will do all this madness first and if he liked it.

Good appetite!

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List of products for November 2017

The organic farm Biodumbrava aims to grow those types of valuable vegetables very high biological. These are recommended for: infants who are beginning to diversify, for those who want a healthy diet and for people who have various degenerative diseases. such as: ALLERGIES, DIABETES,different forms of CANCER and so on These vegetables nutritional superior, are part of the category of vegetables grown according to organic production technologies regulated in Europe. Rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, etc., they are carefully chosen after consulting many clients with health problems, recommended and presented in specialized books following the study of various world-renowned universities. At the same time, these self-healing vegetables, are recommended by nutritionists and by doctors of different specialties: oncology, cardiology, gastroenterology, urology, diabetes, nutrition and metabolism diseases, internal medicine, family medicine, homeopathy, phytotherapy, gemotherapy, chirotherapy, etc.

The distribution is made once a week on Thursday. For Bucharest residents, receiving orders takes place in two locations. One at the Bacania Veche store behind the Dinamo stadium & # 8211 Barbu Vacarescu street no.49 between 18.30 & # 8211 20 and the second on Romancierilor street in front of the GH Technical College. Airinei (Liceul P.T.T.R & # 8211 cart. Dr. Taberei). 19.00 & # 8211 20.00. Customers in the country can receive the products through the Fancourier courier service. More details are listed at the bottom of this product list.

The products available from the ecological farm Biodumbrava will depend on the season. These are as follows:


& # 8222Food to be your medicine and medicine & # 8230hrana & # 8230 & # 8221 & # 8211 Hippocrates

Tell future generations as a patriot introduced for the first time in Romania & # 8211 for Romanians, in a culture organized within an organic farm the following vegetables: mangold / 2010 kale / 2011 fat grass, dandelion / 2012 roman salad, chicory, endive, arugula, coriander, macris etc./2013 amarand (stir), red mustard etc./2014 mizuna, pak choi salad, bok choy cabbage, etc ./2015 Physalis peruviana (catina incasa) Tatsoi etc./2016. Being followers of the concept & # 8222health through nutrition& # 8222, Biodumbrava organic farm is a pioneer in Romanian organic agriculture, which also promotes a wide range of vegetables from Romanian varieties to the highest organic standards. Thanks to these efforts, the farm was awarded in November 2013 during the second edition of the Gala & # 8222Celebrating Life& # 8221 la balanced nutrition category of magazine & # 8222What is happening doctor?& # 8222.

Kale bio= 6 ron / leg. (Currently unavailable) Kalas are on the first place in the mineral content among all vegetable sources (it contains a lot of iron, more than in beef, more calcium than in dairy products) and on the second place after the red pepper in terms of antioxidant concentration, it contains sulforaphane as well as broccoli that prevents the division of cancer cells, beta-carotene needed to fight heart disease and aging but also a large amount of lutein for eye protection. Callas are ideal in the fight against osteoporosis and the qualities can continue & # 8230 Can be served as a salad, in juices and cooked in different ways from omelette to soups etc, etc, & # 8230

Mangold bio = 6 ron / leg. Mangold has properties identical to those of spinach, contains folic acid which is recommended for pregnant women for fetal development. Mangold is a source of iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, antioxidants, minerals, vitamin A and vitamin C. It stimulates lactation and is recommended for mothers with young children who are breastfeeding. Mangold facilitates digestion and also has anti-infective properties and contributes to better blood circulation. According to some studies, mangold preparations also have antitumor effects. It can be served in the form of salads, juices or prepared in many ways for different foods. It was the most used vegetable during the Roman Empire, being taken over by the Romans from Babylon 3000 years ago. Mangold is very popular and used in western countries.

Organic carrots = 8 ron / kg. Contain beta carotene which turns into vitamin A (anticancer) that protects vision and skin regeneration. Stimulates lactation and fights liver disease. It is recommended in cases of anemia. It cleans the airways and is a good remedy for bronchitis. Rich in phosphorus, it is good for energizing the tired mind and restoring tired nerves. It is recommended for anemic children & # 8230 etc.

Organic red beets = 10 ron / kg. It is one of the most important vegetables from a nutritional point of view, being rich in fiber and antioxidants. It is rich in folic acid, a B-complex vitamin that protects us from heart disease and cancer. One serving (a cup full of beet slices) provides more than half of the daily requirement of folic acid. Beetroot is rich in the antioxidant called betanin, which helps prevent the formation of bad cholesterol (LDL).

Organic broccoli = 8 ron / leg. Contains sulforaphane and indole 3 carbinol two strongly anticancer substances & # 8211 divide cancer cells. Broccoli is rich in fiber that helps form a healthy digestive system. It is also rich in folic acid that protects the heart, vitamin C and beta-carotene, two substances that strengthen the immune system. Broccoli has so many nutritional virtues that it should be eaten several times a week, either raw or cooked. (Passage taken from the book & # 8222The Power of Self-Healing & # 8221 pg. 41, written by Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, President of Parker University).

Black radish, known since during ancient Egypt, it was introduced to Europe by the Romans. They used it more because of its therapeutic qualities and very often in the kitchen. Research has shown that black radish promotes proper blood circulation, lowering cholesterol and preventing heart disease. Black radish syrup soothes coughs and eliminates harmful substances from the bronchi and lungs. On the nervous system, black radish acts as a sedative. As far as children are concerned, black radish can be an excellent remedy against rickets, helping to fix calcium and strengthen the body, optimizing the process of growth and development. Black radish has a distinct taste, slightly hot and has in its composition radish, vitamins B and C, magnesium, iron and calcium, iodine. It is recommended in gallstones, liver failure, lung disease, cough, rheumatism, gout, arthritis, asthma, allergies, skin diseases. Purifying and energizing, black radish, especially in the form of juice, has the gift of cleansing the liver and kidneys of toxins, helps the intestines, stomach and gallbladder. The juice is obtained from leaves and roots with the help of the juicer. Take four to six tablespoons a day. The juice can also be mixed with honey. Mix a quarter liter of juice with half a glass of honey and store in the refrigerator. Take five to six tablespoons daily between meals. Due to the high content of vitamin C, black radish has an important role in preventing colds, being one of the most powerful antioxidants, which is why it is recommended during the cold periods of the year, when the body is prone to colds and flu. source:

Gulii bio = 4 ron / pc. Recent studies have shown that people in areas with dietary iodine deficiency, who were doomed to thyroid disease, no longer get sick due to a new habit of consuming goulash almost daily. Biochemists have pointed out that eating gulia reduces the risk of ovarian cancer by 25% and the risk of testicular and prostate cancer by 12%. Gulia has a tonic effect on the metabolism of the kidney. Gules are considered by researchers to be a sexual tonic and that 80% of women who suffer from insomnia due to atypical neuroses can have a deep sleep after a cure of only 18 days with autumn gules. source:

Napi bio = 5 ron / pc. (Limited quantities) Turnip roots contain many mineral salts (potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, zinc), many vitamins (especially C, B1, B2, PP), small amounts of carotene and cellulose. The young leaves contain mustard oil and vitamin C. Turnip is well known as a medicinal plant. Due to the strong qualities of immunomodulator with general tonic action, turnip fulfills the dream of all doctors from antiquity to the present day: prevention of diseases, even the worst strokes, cancers, salt deposits, excess cholesterol. bulbs they contain a large amount of iron, which is why they are recommended for people with anemia. Turnip is indispensable in the prophylaxis and cure of diseases of the cardiovascular system, because preparations from flowers, leaves and stems help cleanse the blood, ensure its circulation, lower blood pressure. Turnips are rich in inulin (20-35%), easily assimilated by diabetics. If consumed regularly by sick people, blood sugar levels stabilize, pancreatic function improves. It is used as a laxative, antiscorbutic, diuretic, expectorant and sedative. Turnip juice with honey is used in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and as a stimulator of cardiac function. Consumption of roots has a curative effect in cases of gastritis with low secretion, spastic colitis, disorders of bile duct function, atony of the intestine.

Organic salad= 6 ron / pc. (Currently unavailable). Lettuce leaves contain vitamins A, C, B1, B2 and minerals such as potassium, iron, phosphorus and molybdenum. Lettuce cleans and fluidifies the blood and can be used in case of biliary dyskinesia and chronic hepatitis. It is recommended for people who have high cholesterol and blood sugar levels, in diseases such as rheumatism, allergies or gout. Consumption of lettuce with olive oil obtained by cold pressing and apple cider vinegar stimulates digestion and helps to expel toxins from the body faster, especially in the intestine.

Salad pak choi = 5 ron / pc. (Currently unavailable)

Red mustard = 5 ron / leg.

Mizuna = 5 ron / leg.

Organic baby spinach = 7 ron / leg / 150-200gr. (Currently unavailable). Spinach is very rich in vitamins A, E, B1, C and K, in minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, in dietary fiber and folic acid. Raw or boiled spinach is a rich source of beta-carotene, lutein and xanthene. These constituents will improve your vision and keep you away from some eye conditions. Due to the high content of minerals based mainly on potassium and sodium, blood pressure is regulated according to the body's needs and blood flow is stabilized at normal parameters. These aspects also greatly contribute to maintaining a healthy heart. A component of spinach called CO-Q10 (which is nothing more than an antioxidant) plays an important role in strengthening the heart muscles to play a major role in the continuous distribution of blood in all organs of the body. It has been found that the same antioxidant successfully treats a number of serious cardiovascular diseases. Spinach is a representative source of vitamin K. This natural organic compound is involved, among other things, in the process of retaining calcium in the bones. In addition, some minerals such as manganese, zinc or phosphorus help strengthen bones by preventing osteoporosis. Details taken from the article:

Andive bio = 6 ron / pc. (Limited quantities). Endives stimulate appetite, have effects diuretic and slightly laxative, facilitates digestion, stimulates bile secretion and intestinal evacuation, has mineralizing effects and helps fight intestinal parasites. Endives act favorably in gallstones and anorexia. Because it contains principles gathered generically under the name of lactucarium (lactucine, lactocycline), substances existing in lettuce, endive easily calms the nervous system, relieves pain and has favorable effects in case of stress. Through the presence of intibin, which is a natural antioxidant, endive reduces the harmful effects of free radicals, delaying the aging and installation of degenerative diseases, including cancer. As a fresh winter plant, endive is very valuable, bringing to the body enzymatic and depurative principles, which are missing from the main seasonal foods.

Organic chicory = 7 ron / piece (Currently unavailable). It is a lime of endives and a relative amount small green chicory provides all the amount needed for a day of vitamin A which is a highly self-healing vitamin, vital for the immune system and for protecting eyesight. Most of the vitamin A in chicory comes from beta-carotene, a substance that fights cancer and is converted in the body into vitamin A.

Macris bio = 5 ron / leg. Macris leaves contain carotene, vitamins B1, B2, C, K and PP, mineral salts such as magnesium, iron, phosphorus, sulfur and silicon, proteins, sugars, tannins and a lot of oxalic acid. Phenolic substances are found in the roots. Young sorrel leaves have a sour, pleasant taste, are strongly vitaminized and nutritionists recommend their consumption, especially in early spring when other fruits and vegetables are missing from the diet.
Macris is prepared in the same way as spinach or stevia. It can be eaten raw, in salads, or boiled, in soups and borscht. The soups in which macris was put should no longer be sour. The sorrel leaves boil for about 20 minutes. The leaves of macris, boiled, can be used in the treatment of some skin diseases, in the form of poultices. Because sorrel has a lot of iron in its composition, it can be used to treat anemia. Due to the vitamin C contained, sorrel was used, especially by the French, in the treatment of scurvy, a disease that manifests itself by weakening muscle strength, anemia, bleeding gums, tooth loss, the appearance of open wounds. In the case of scurvy patients, it is recommended to consume juice obtained from fresh leaves. Keep in mind that sorrel is forbidden to people suffering from rheumatism or kidney disease, due to the large amount of oxalic acid in its composition.

Organic arugula = 7 ron / leg. This is a food low in saturated fat and an almost non-existent cholesterol. It is an excellent source of protein, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, copper and zic. At the same time it is a rich source of fiber, vitamins A, C and K, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. All this helps health by strengthening the bones, the skin, helping the development and regeneration of cells. At the same time, these compounds fight free radicals, which come from sources such as pollution or food. Containing antioxidants in both lutein and beta-carotene, it is an excellent food for periods of sun exposure, dust and allergens. And a cup of arugula leaves contains 32 milligrams of natural calcium, in addition to the smaller amounts of the other minerals listed, which are in sufficient quantity to protect against chronic diseases such as heart disease or diabetes. Arugula is mentioned by several ancient authors as an aphrodisiac food. Virgil claims that arugula increases the sexual desire of apathetic people.

Organic coriander = 7 ron / leg. (Currently unavailable). Cleanses the colon by removing heavy metals and toxins in the body. Eliminates intestinal gas. Fight the bloating. It is recommended in the fight against abdominal colic. Treats intestinal parasites. Prevents flatulence. Coriander is a good source of bioflavonoids, which are good for hemorrhoids, varicose veins and other vein problems. Coriander has been known for more than 2,000 years. Coriander seeds are mentioned in ancient Sanskrit writings, also coriander seeds were discovered in Egyptian tombs. The Romans sprinkled the meat with a mixture of coriander, cumin and vinegar, so that it would not spoil.

Organic fennel = 3 ron / leg. (Momkentan is unavailable). Fennel stimulates digestion and can be used to soothe flatulence and colic. It is also anti & # 8211 spasmodic, anti & # 8211 inflammatory, and has qualities similar to anise in relieving cough. It is also used to stimulate the flow of milk to nursing mothers.

Organic green onions = 2 ron / leg. Onions are an important source of vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6 and C, iron, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, potassium, folic acid and fiber. Due to the properties of allicin, onions and garlic are effective remedies in the treatment of respiratory viruses, cardiovascular diseases. Eating onions prevents prostate cancer, lung cancer and eliminates some of the harmful effects of smoking, can increase by 10% the speed of thinking and by up to 20% the speed of memory. Children who eat green onions daily grow taller in height. Due to the calcium it contains, green onions prevent osteoporosis and increase bone strength. Onions are one of the most powerful natural antibiotics. It has antimicrobial properties, detoxifies the body, stimulates the immune system and reduces inflammation. Onions not only cure colds and flu, but are also recommended for regulating blood pressure, improving digestion, relieving coughs and relieving sore throats.

Praz bio = 2 ron / pc. Leek is beneficial in: system disorders respiratory (has emollient, antiseptic, expectorant, emollient effect): cough, hoarseness, flu, laryngitis, aphonia, tracheitis, pharyngitis, beneficial in diseases of the cardiovascular system, digestive, has a diuretic and antiseptic effect. It can be used in nutritional diseases: rickets, obesity, diabetes and successfully in other diseases such as: cancer, intestinal worms, nasal hemorrhage, rheumatism, impotence, asthenia, insomnia, migraines. Pharaoh Cheops offered leeks to his favorite soldiers as a reward. From the Egyptians, the leek reached the Romans and the Greeks, who spread it throughout Europe and North Africa.

Organic green garlic = 3 ron / leg. Considered a miraculous plant, Garlic has been used for hundreds of years to cure a large number of diseases, from the common cold to the plague. Garlic stops the evolution of malignant tumors and keeps AIDS at bay, being the most effective antiviral treatment after propolis and blue algae. The substances identified in garlic lower blood pressure, blood fats and regulate cholesterol levels. This natural antibiotic has the ability to control blood sugar levels and provide the body with important minerals such as magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and copper. Garlic is effective in treating various types of infections located in the ears, mouth or throat.

Organic leaf celery = 3 ron / leg.

Marar bio = 3 ron / leg.

Organic parsley leaves = 3 ron / leg.

Organic sage = 3 ron / leg.

Organic mint = 3 ron / leg. (Currently unavailable).

Eggs (more than organic) = 1.5 ron / piece (currently unavailable).


Dehydrated organic peppers = 13 ron / 50 gr. (equivalent to one kg.).

By dehydration & # 8211 drying the organoleptic qualities, vitamins, minerals and all the nutritional qualities of the vegetables are kept being the healthiest method of long-term preservation. By dehydrating & drying the vegetables and fruits reduce their weight more than eight times and their volume more than twice. Drying & # 8211 dehydrating food dates back to ancient times, more as a necessity than as a tasty habit. This method of preservation is used because it preserves the nutritional values, the original taste and aroma. At the same time, storing food in the dry state is the most economical way due to the reduction of weight and volume. One of the foods that is very good for dehydration is pepper, which is rich in antioxidants, and they neutralize the effects of free radicals on the body, which harms cells. Thus, with pepper you can prevent or reduce the symptoms of certain diseases. Peppers are generally full of vitamins and minerals, especially A and C. Vitamin A is the one that keeps eyesight longer, and if you eat a cup of pepper every day, you can take full advantage of this benefit. Moreover, some scientists believe that peppers can prevent cataracts. Beta-carotene found in peppers can prevent certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Lycopene from vegetables (or fruit, from a botanical point of view) decreases the risk of ovarian cancer. Pepper is a consistent source of vitamin E, which plays an important role in the health of hair and skin. So, if you want to have healthy hair and always shiny skin, you need to eat more peppers. Vitamin B6 is essential for your cells, especially for their rapid renewal, which can also mean preventing or curing diseases quickly. Vitamin B6 also takes care of the health of the nervous system. It protects it and keeps it at maximum capacity when you eat it raw, on a regular basis. Thanks to the vitamin C it contains, the immune system is improved. Likewise, the skin maintains its youthful appearance for a longer time. Source:

Vegeta 1B from organic root vegetables = 8 ron / b.110ml.

Vegeta 2B from organic herbs and leafy vegetables = 6 ron / b.110ml.

Vegeta 3B from organic vegetables = 14 ron / b.200ml.

Organic tomatoes dehydrated in organic olive oil = 20 ron / b.200 ml. Products preserved by dehydration & # 8211 drying retain and concentrate their organoleptic qualities and can be brought to consumption as needed in the form and appearance before drying, by rehydration.

Dehydrated organic cherry tomatoes = 15 ron / 70 gr. Dehydration is one of the best ecological methods of preserving vegetables and fruits. This process allows the preservation of nutritional and organoleptic properties. Through the dehydration process, vegetables and fruits dry slowly over a long period of time. By dehydrating & drying the vegetables and fruits reduce their weight more than eight times and their volume more than twice. Also, through this process, vegetables and fruits are not subjected to high chemical or thermal treatments and no preservatives are used. By removing water during the dehydration process, microorganisms are deprived of an essential element, and in this way, their activity is blocked. Lack of water inhibits the growth of microbes and prevents the oxidation of food.

Organic apple shower = 8 ron / b.400gr.

Organic carrot duct = 8 ron / b.200gr.

Organic quince duct = 16 ron / b.400gr.

Organic pie pumpkin jam and carrots= 8 ron / b.372gr.


Frozen organic berries:

Frozen organic strawberries = 8ron / cas / 250gr.

Frozen organic raspberries = 10 ron / case / 250gr.

Frozen organic walls = 8ron / cas / 250gr.

Concentrated and frozen green juices:

Concentrated and frozen green juice from organic kale = 10 ron / st. of 300 ml.

Concentrated and frozen green juice from organic mangold = 10 ron / st. of 500 ml.

Concentrated and frozen green juice from organic macris = 10 ron / st. of 500 ml.

Concentrated and frozen mixed green juice from mangold, kale and organic sorrel = 12 ron / st. of 500ml.

Organic frozen vegetables:

Eggplant baked over a wood fire = 13 ron / 500 gr. & # 8211 reduced from 15 ron / 500gr.

Frozen organic zucchini = 5 ron / bag of 500 gr. (recommended for mencarea of ​​babies). (Currently unavailable).

Organic frozen peppers = 5 ron / bag of 500 gr. (recommended for baby food).

Frozen organic cherry tomatoes = 8 ron / case / 250gr.

Traditional products:

Tomato paste = 12 rum / 380ml jar.

Pepper paste = 14 rum / 380ml bottle.

Sweet sauce (Ketchup & # 8211 Salsa) from organic vegetables = 8 ron / 212ml jar.

Sauce (Ketchup & # 8211 Salsa) slightly hot from organic vegetables = 9 ron / 212ml jar.

Hot vegetable sauce (Ketchup & # 8211 Salsa) = 9 ron / 212ml jar.

Organic hot peppers (in vinegar) in a jar = 8 rum / 380 ml jar.

Organic hot peppers (in vinegar) sliced ​​in a jar = 8 rum / 212 ml jar.

Dietary zacusca = 15 ron / jar of 400 gr.

Traditional Zacusca = 20 ron / jar of 400 gr.

Traditional eggplant zacusca (Eggplant stew) = 15 ron / jar of 400 gr.

Traditional zucchini with zucchini = 15 ron / jar of 400 gr.

Traditional zacusca with carrot = 15 ron / jar of 400 gr.

Vegetable Pots = promotional & # 8211 12 ron / 400gr jar. It has a high content of antioxidants, among which we mention: Rosveratrol, lycopene, sulforaphane, beta-carotene, etc.

It also has a coHigh in minerals and vitamins with strong antioxidant effects, all vegetables are organic, and the composition includes the following vegetables: red pepper paste, tomato paste, tomato juice, carrot, parsley root, parsnip, beetroot, celery root, cabbage white, broccoli, Chinese cabbage, bell pepper, capsicum and donut, eggplant, kale, mangold, sorrel, dill, parsley leaves, celery leaves and the list goes on to over 30 components that we leave you to discover. It was wanted to re-edit the taste of yesteryear from the 1970s & # 8211 1980. The pot is traditionally made over a wood fire in a cast iron cauldron. All vegetables are organic and are from the farm. It is a very, very concentrated product that is recommended for children, the elderly, people who have problems with teeth, those who fast or lose weight, etc. In pots the natural taste of boiled vegetables is felt and the boiling process (in the fire of hardwood) is a slow process that lasts over five hours. If we limit ourselves only to the taste, this is not something spectacular, but the content and all the preparation technology can place it as a top, exceptional product, which defines it as unique on the organic market. At the same time, the pot can be considered as an alternative to zacusca, being highly appreciated by customers. The vegetable pot produced by Biodumbrava can be eaten directly cold (cheese sandwich, etc.), heated, in combination with other types of food such as pasta, rice, etc. or as an addition to the preparation of various dishes such as: soups, broths, stews, & # 8230 etc. Due to the generous composition I listed above, it is a complete and complex food, beneficial to the body. Careful! Store in the refrigerator at room temperature. of 3-5 degrees and after opening the jar it is consumed in maximum 2-3 days because it does not contain preservatives being a dietary food.

Assorted pickles from organic vegetables = 8 ron / b.800ml. or 15 ron / b.1.8L. StuThe days held in the West in recent years have shown the exceptional qualities of pickles. In fact, we are rediscovering what our ancestors used in food for thousands of years. When the Romanian army organized its campaigns and went to battle, it took as supplies thousands of barrels of sauerkraut and pickles. "Pickles have been known and appreciated for over 4000 years, being also mentioned in the bible" specifies Mr. prof.univ.dr. Gheorghe MENCINICOPSCHI in an article in the magazine Doctorul Meu. Tot aici d-l profesor specifica: „In procesul natural de fermentatie, microflora existenta pe legume si fructe, transforma glucidele din acestea in nenumarate substante biologic active benefice, vitamine B1, B2, vitamina A, acid lactic, alcool, arome. Foarte important este faptul ca prin procesul de murare se pastreaza substantele valoroase din legumele supuse acestui proces natural de conservare. Astfel muraturile asortate devin un aliment probiotic, cu efecte curative, pastrandu-si compusii anticancerigeni (glucozinolati), hepatoprotectori (sulforafan), anti-inflamatori – antioxidanti (vit. C, vit. A, vit. E, zincul), fibrele alimentare 3g%, (combat constipatia si detoxifica colonul), mineralele, potasiu (250 mg %), magneziu (16 mg%), fier (1,1 mg%), calciu (60 mg%), imbogatindu-se in acid lactic, reglator al microflorei intestinale si un conservant ideal, bacterii probiotice (Lactobacili) benefice pentru intarirea sistemului imunitar si sanatatea colonului.
Muraturile, pe langa toate aceste avantaje au si o densitate calorica foarte mica cuprinsa intre 20 – 25 Kcal la 100 grame, fiind indicate si in dietele pentru mentinerea siluetei”. Am vrut sa fac aceste precizari si sa recomand consumul de muraturi asortate si a verzei murate deoarece abia in ultimele decenii cercetarile efectuate asupra acestora care sunt fermentate natural, (nu cele industriale conservate in otet), au dezvaluit virtuti alimentare si terapeutice extraordinare. Muraturile asortate inclusiv varza murata sunt indicate in multe afectiuni. Ex. in hepatite: Sulforafanul din varza murata, fibrele alimentare, antioxidantii, au efecte hepatoprotectoare, stimuland sinteza unor enzime implicate in fazele I si II de detoxifiere hepatica. Combate de asemenea constipatia amplificand detoxifierea corpului si protejarea ficatului. In cancer: Varza murata natural are efecte antitumorale-anticancerigene inducand apoptoza in celulele maligne prin intermediul glucozinolatilor. Si exemplele continua… A se vedea art. MURATURILE un aliment exceptional probiotic, cu efecte curative. si in completare art. Muraturile – unice prin efectul lor simbiotic

Cum se desfasoara distributia:

Distributia are loc o data pe saptamana in ziua de joi orele 19.00 – 20.00 pe str. Romancierilor in fata Colegiului Tehnic GH. Airinei (Liceul P.T.T.R – cart. Dr. Taberei).

Clientii care nu pot veni pe str. Romancierilor si le este mai usor sa ajunga la magazinul Bacania Veche in spatele stadionului Dinamo – str. Barbu Vacarescu nr. 49, pot merge la magazin sa ridice comenzile – joia in intervalul orelor 19,00 – 20,00. Comanzile se primesc pe site: in urma contului creeat sau telefonic in cursul saptamanii pana in ziua de marti la orele 22.00 iar vloarea minima este de 30 ron.

Pentru clientii din Bucuresti sau din alte localitati din tara care vor sa primeasca produsele la domiciliu, acestea vor fi trimise cu serviciul de curierat rapid Fancourier in ziua de joi si vor ajunge in ziua de vineri. Comenzile trebuiesc facute telefonic sau pe site: tot pana in ziua de marti orele 22 . Plata se va face la primirea coletului, valoarea minima este de 70 de ron iar transportul va fi platit de client in functie de greutatea acestuia si de distanta de transport.

Telefoanele de contact: 0724.543.869 0748.155.570.

Pentru orice alte detalii va rog nu ezitati sa ne sunati la unul din telefoanele de mai sus.

Personal ma intereseaza calitatea produselor si nu hartiile care pot confirma certificarea. Sunt unii dintre clienti mai neincrezatori sau unii rau intentionati care imi solicita certificarile pentru cultura ecologica. Pentru toti cei care sunt interesati, le comunic ca am inceput activitate de cultivare a legumelor in sistem ecologic din anul 2007, fiind printre primii din Romania si din jurul Bucurestiului si am incheiat contractul de colaborare cu Organismul de Inspectie si Certificare din anul 2010. Dovada celor specificate, sunt afisate mai jos Certificatele de Conformitate.

Adi`s blog - Jurnal culinar

se frământă bine toate şi dacă este cazul se adaugă şi o linguriţă de făină, pentru a avea o masă de compoziţie mai consistentă. Compoziţia ar trebui să arate ca şi în imaginea de mai jos. Se ia cu linguriţa câte puţin din compoziţie, se formează bile cât o minge de golf, se aplatizează puţin ca la chifteluţe şi se frig în ulei încins până capătă o crustă aurie.

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Ai atatea chestii bune pe aici, nici nu stiu la ce sa ma uit mai repede :).Iar dovleceii astia chiar merita incercati! Super recipe! multumesc ca ai impartasit-o si cu noi!Treci si pe la mine daca iti face placere.O seara buna iti doresc!

Mersi de aprecieri si invitatie. Deja ti/am facut o vizita. Imi place! Sfarsit de saptamana placut!

Ala's Cooking

2 zucchini
1 red onion
1 green pepper
3 cloves of garlic
3 tomatoes
1 dill bunch
salt, pepper, paprika
2 cuburi Knorr smantana si patrunjel.

Se toaca ceapa, usturoiul si ardeiul si se calesc in putin ulei. Se adauga rosiile decojite si taiate cubulete. Se curata dovleceii, se scobesc de seminte, se taie cubulete si se adauga in tigaie. Se lasa sa fiarba acoperit, iar cand se inmoaie dovleceii se condimenteaza si se adauga mararul tocat.

2 zucchinies
1 red onion
1 green pepper
3 garlic cloves
3 tomatoes
green marar
salt, pepper, paprika
2 Knorr cubes (cream and parsley)

Fry the finely choped onion and pepper in olive oil. Add tomatoes cut small cubes. Add the zucchinies cut small cubes and let them stew covered. When the zucchinies are ready season to taste and add chopped dill.

Condimente si plante aromatice

Fie că sunt rețete dulci sau sărate, unul din secretele bucătariei vegane este folosirea condimentelor și a plantelor aromatice. Așa că m-am gândit să împărtășesc cu voi mai multe informații despre condimentele preferate din bucătăria Erbivorului

În plus, dacă ești abonat, sau te abonezi în luna decembrie, primești varianta printabilă în ediția de iarnă


  • Ce este?
    Muguri ai florilor din arborele de cuișoare (originar din Indonezia), recoltați înainte de înflorire și uscați. Au o aromă ușor dulce-amăruie, parfumată și călduroasă
  • Cum se folosește?
    Sub formă întreagă sau măcinată, în deserturi dar și în mâncăruri prăjite, supe, orez sau băuturi. Atunci când sunt folosite întregi, sunt îndepărtate înainte de servire
  • Se potrivește cu:
    Piper, nucșoară, scorțișoară
  • Beneficii:
    Proprietăți antibacteriene, antioxidante, mangan, vitamina K și vitamina s

Încearcă una dintre cele trei rețete în care am folosit cuișoare:


  • Ce este?
    Un condiment obținut din scoarța arborelui de scorțișoară, fermentată la umbră și uscată la soare. Prin uscare aceasta capătă aspectul rulat cu care suntem familiarizați
  • Cum se folosește?
    În deserturi și băuturi (vin fiert, cafea) dar și în mâncăruri sărate, adăugată în formă întreagă de baton sau măcinată
  • Se potrivește cu:
    Ghimbir, cuișoare, nucșoară, portocală
  • Beneficii:
    Echilibrează nivelul de glucoză din sânge, are proprietăți antioxidante, magneziu, calciu

Dacă și tu iubești combinția de mere și scorțișoară, încearcă una dintre cele trei rețete de mai jos:


  • Ce este?
    Condiment obținut din semințele unui copac tropical din Indonezia
  • Cum se folosește?
    Sub formă integrală (semințe) sau măcinată, în prăjituri, băuturi sau chiar pentru legume, în bucătăria mediteraneană, indiană, arabă
  • Se potrivește cu:
    Piper, ghimbir, cuișoare, scorțișoară
  • Beneficii:
    Proprietăți antioxidante, antiinflamatoare, antibacteriene, vitamine: B-uri, C, A, acid folic, riboflavină, niacină

Ce zici de niște biscuiti rapizi cu nucșoară?


  • Ce este?
    Plantă aromatică și medicinală originară din Asia de sud-est, fiind una din speciile de curcumă și înrudită cu ghimbirul. Este numit “șofranul indian”
  • Cum se folosește?
    Se adaugă în amestecuri de condimente (cum ar fi curry), mâncăruri de orez, legume, pentru a da culoare preparatelor, în dressing-uri sau în turmeric latte, paste, supe, sosuri
  • Beneficii:
    Proprietăți antiinflamatoare și antioxidante

Încearcă una dintre cele trei rețete în care am folosit turmeric:


  • Ce este?
    Semințele unei plante cu flori albe, originară din Egipt, înrudit cu chimenul dar cu un gust total diferit. Are o aromă unică, dulce și iute, ușor amăruie
  • Cum se folosește?
    În supe, sosuri, bucătăria indiană, în amestecuri de curry, mâncăruri cu legume și cartofi. Se adaugă cu moderație având o aromă puternică
  • Se potrivește cu:
    Boia, usturoi, chili, ceapă, ulei de măsline
  • Beneficii:
    Proprietăți antioxidante și antiinflamatoare, calciu, fier, magneziu

Supă sau falafel? Tu ce ai alege?


  • Ce este?
    Plantă originară din zona Asiei, de la care consumăm rizomul (nu rădăcina) în formă proaspătă sau uscată ca pulbere. Are o aromă intensă și ușor picantă, iar în forma proaspătă, ușor citrică
  • Cum se folosește?
    În dulciuri și ceaiuri, sau mâncăruri sărate, tocănițe, curry-uri, sau chiar murat alături de sushi
  • Se potrivește cu:
    Ceapă, usturoi, cuișoare
  • Beneficii:
    Antiinflamator, vitamine și minerale: C, B6, magneziu, potasiu, cupru, mangan

Incearca una din rețetele cu ghimbir:


  • Ce este?
    Cel mai popular amestec de condimente provenit din India, deși local sunt mai populare alte amestecuri tip masala. Are la bază: coriandru, jeera, schinduf, turmeric, chili + alte condimente în funcție de amestec

Ierburi din Provence

  • Ce este?
    Un amestec de ierburi mediteraneene (busuioc, maghiran, pătrunjel, leuștean, oregano, rozmarin, cimbrișor, cimbru) specific zonei de sud a Franței


  • Ce este?
    Plantă culinară și medicinală originară din Asia tropicală, cu soiuri și arome diferite
  • Cum se folosește?
    Proaspăt sau uscat, foarte popular în bucătăria italienească. Dacă este proaspăt, adăugat înainte de servire în salate mediteraneene, sosuri (mai ales pesto), paste, pizza
    Pentru o aromă mai intensă, rupeți frunzele, nu le tocați
  • Se potrivește cu:
    Roșii, cimbru, oregano, ulei de măsline
  • Beneficii:
    Vitamine si minerale: A, B6, C, calciu, fier, potasiu, magneziu, fosfor

Îți propun două rețete cu busuioc de care o să te îndrăgostești:

Oregano (maghiran salbatic)

  • Ce este?
    Plantă culinară și medicinală, cultivat în zona mediteraneană, aroma fiind influențată de climă, sol, anotimp
  • Cum se folosește?
    Proaspăt: în sosuri de roșii, mâncăruri de legume coapte, mâncăruri italienești (paste, pizza, măsline, sosuri de lămâie și ulei de măsline), salate
    Uscat: în mâncăruri de mazăre, fasole, vinete, roșii, dovlecei, ciuperci, cartofi, ardei, supe
  • Se potrivește cu:
    Usturoi, pătrunjel, busuioc, cimbru, ceapă, foi de dafin
  • Beneficii:
    Vitamine și minerale: A, B6, C, E, K, folat, fier, magneziu, calciu, potasiu

Mai jos îți las două idei de rețete în care poți să folosești oregano:


  • Ce este?
    Plantă aromatică și medicinală originară din zona mediteraneana, cu frunze sub formă de ace și aromă lemnoasă
  • Cum se folosește?
    Frunze proaspete (recoltate de obicei când înflorește) sau uscate, în supe, tocănițe, legume (în special cartofi), sosuri pentru paste, marinade, pentru aromatizarea uleiului de măsline, dressing salate
  • Beneficii:
    Proprietăți antioxidante și antiinflamatoare, vitamine și minerale: A, B-uri, fier, potasiu, calciu

Ai încercat vreodata Pizza de patata? E rețeta perfectă pentru a pune rozmarinul în valoare!


  • Ce este?
    Plantă aromatică și medicinală, înrudită cu oregano, busuiocul și rozmarinul, cu soiuri și arome diferite
  • Cum se folosește?
    Proaspăt sau uscat în legume (în special fasole verde, vinete, morcovi și dovlecei), supe, ciorbe, marinade, chiftele vegetale, tocănițe, sosuri. Este mai intens în varianta uscată decât proaspătă
  • Beneficii:
    Proprietăți antibacteriene, antifungice, antioxidante, vitamine și minerale: A, C, fier,

Mai jos îți las două idei de rețete în care poți să folosești cimbru:

Boia (paprika) dulce, iute, afumata

  • Ce este?
    Condiment de culoare roșie, obținut prin măcinarea ardeiului iute sau dulce, foarte popular în bucătăria ungurească sau spaniolă
  • Cum se folosește?
    În mâncăruri cu orez, legume la cuptor sau la grătar, supe, marinade, tocane, sosuri. Își eliberează cel mai bine aroma prin amestecare cu puțin ulei înainte de utilizare
  • Se potrivește cu:
    Usturoi, rozmarin, busuioc, cimbru, ceapă
  • Beneficii:
    Proprietăți antioxidante, vitamine și minerale: A, C, E, B-uri, potasiu, zinc, acid folic

Încearcă una dintre cele trei rețete în care am folosit boia:

Ardei iute – Chili

  • Ce este?
    Plantă originară din America de Sud, fiind cel mai răspândit ardei din lume, verde sau roșu, folosit proaspăt sau uscat
  • Cum se folosește?
    În sosuri, supe, mâncăruri, și ocazional în deserturi (ciocolată cu chili)
  • Beneficii:
    Stimulează digestia, echilibrează tensiunea arterială, are proprietăți antiinflamatoare și antioxidante, vitamine și minerale: B6, C, A, potasiu, magneziu, fier

Îți las mai jos două rețete în care fulgii de chili sunt vedete:

Careful! Unele condimente sau plante aromatice pot avea efecte secundare dacă sunt consumate în cantități mari. De asemenea, acestea pot fi contraindicate în sarcină, alăptare sau când există afecțiuni medicale

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80 de idei pentru un prânz sănătos

Din punctul meu de vedere (și din proprie experiență) nu doar micul dejun – care ar trebui să se numească marele dejun – este masa cea mai importantă a zilei, ci și prânzul. Cunosc persoane care consideră că dacă au mâncat un mic dejun copios, masa de prânz nu își mai are rostul.

Efortul intelectual pe care îl depunem la birou poate fi la fel de solicitant ca munca pe câmp. Dacă noi sărim peste mesele obligatorii, nu facem decât să ne dăm metabolismul peste cap. Efectele nu se văd imediat, ci în timp când ne putem îmbolnăvi grav. Perioadele prelungite de înfometare între mese presupun un metabolism foarte lent, care duce la oboseală cronică, la lipsa de concentrare, irascibilitate, anxietate, atacuri de panică, obezitate, diabet, boli cardiovasculare, lipsă de vitamine și minerale sau boli foarte grave. Nici măcar persoanelor obeze nu li se recomandă să evite să mănânce la prânz. Prin urmare, am făcut o listă cu feluri de mâncare sănătoase și gustoase pe care le poți găti rapid și pe care le poți lua cu tine la birou.

Sote de vinete, dovlecei, ananas și germeni de soia & Cous - cous - Rețete

100 g (grâu, nucă, miere, stafide, zahăr brun vanilinat, nucă de cocos, banană, mere, lamaie)

Rulada de grau cu piure de castane

100 g (grâu, nucă, frişcă vegetală, miere, stafide, zahăr brun vanilinat, nucă de cocos, piure de castane, mere, lămâie)

Rulada de roscove cu piure de castane

100 g (biscuţi, roşcove, miere, piure de castane, lapte de soia)

Salam din biscuiti

100 g (biscuiţi, nucă, miere, unt de cocos, roşcove, stafide, lapte de soia, lămâie)

Salata de fructe

200 g (banană, măr, pară, capşuni, piersici, kiwi, pepene galben, frişcă, topping roşcove)

Strudel cu visine

100 g (făină, unt de cocos, apă minerală, vişine, nucă, zahăr brut)

Tort „Gina”

1 kg (fructe uscate: prune, curmale, stafide, caise, smochine, nucă, mere, nucă de cocos, zahăr brut, frişcă vegetală, scorţişoară)

Tort de biscuiti

100 g (biscuiţi, lapte de soia, amidon, roşcove, suc de portocale, zahăr brut)

Tort Gina felie

150 g (fructe uscate: prune, curmale, stafide, caise, smochine, nucă, mere, nucă de cocos, zahăr brut, frişcă vegetală, scorţişoară)

Tort raw dovleac si scortisoara

Gramaj: 100g (nuci româneşti, curmale, dovleac, fulgi cocos, ulei de cocos, cremă de cocos, miere, turmeric, scorţişoară, rodie, fulgi cocos)

Ala's Cooking

650 gr carne tocata de vita
1 red onion
1 carrot
3 cloves of garlic
1 or
salt, pepper, paprika
condimente de chiftele
5 slices of bread
100-150 gr spanac congelat
200 ml of milk
2 eggs
300 gr flour
1 dill connection
250 ml of milk
2 tablespoons flour
50 gr unt sare
2 cloves of garlic

Se pregatesc mai intai chiftelele. Carnea tocata se amesteca cu oul, morcovul si ceapa date pe razatoare, usturoiul dat prin presa, condimentele si feliile de paine inmuiate si stoarse bine. Se formeaza chiftelele, se pun intr-o tava pe hartie de copt si se baga la cuptor pana se rumenesc.

Cat timp chiftelele stau la cuptor se prepara galustii si sosul.

Se decongeleaza spanacul, eventual se fierbe si se scurge bine. Eu am avut unul tocat marunt, asa ca l-am stors si l-am pus direct in aluatul de galusti.
Se amesteca bine ingredientele pentru galusti. Trebuie sa iasa un aluat mai moale. Se pune o oala cu apa la fiert. Se ia cu lingurita din aluat si se arunca in apa clocotita. Se lasa la fiert cateva minute, dupa care se scot in strecuratoare, se pun sub jet de apa rece si se lasa la scurs.

Untul se pune la topit. Se adauga faina, se amesteca, apoi se adauga treptat laptele, amestecand bine, sa nu faca cocoloase. Se adauga mararul tocat marunt, sarea si usturoiul dat prin presa. Se lasa pe foc, amestecand pana se ingroasa.

Video: Sweet And Spicy Pineapple Sauce (July 2022).


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