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Happy birthday Our site, 3 years since the "debut"!

Happy birthday Our site, 3 years since the


Put eggs in a bowl with sugar. Mix first at low speed, then increase speed for 10 minutes. (The sugar must melt).

Sift the flour together with the cocoa, baking powder and starch and add over the eggs.

Grease the cake tin with oil (a shape of 22-24 cm), line the bottom with flour and pour the composition.

Place in the preheated oven and bake for about 30 minutes. on low heat (test with a toothpick.

Cool and turn on a grill, leaving to cool.

Panna Cotta

Wallpaper a bowl, with the bottom approximately equal to the diameter of the cake top, with food foil.

Gelatin is hydrated in 50 ml of milk.

Put the blackberries, together with 2 tablespoons of sugar, in a saucepan and stir over low heat for 2-3 minutes (bring to a boil).

Cool and pass everything through a sieve with larger mesh to remove the seeds.

Put the milk (200 ml remaining) on ​​the fire, together with the sugar. After the first boil, boil for 2 minutes.

Add the whipped cream and put it back on the fire, leaving it ONLY until it boils. It doesn't have to boil.

Add gelatin and mix. I stopped 100 ml and in the rest I added blackberry paste.

Allow to cool and pour into the lined bowl.

Leave it to cool until it thickens well, then put the top, which is well syruped with the 100 ml mixture in which I added Angelli.

Put it back in the cold and leave it for 2-3 hours.

With a firm movement, turn over on a plate and then garnish with mixed whipped cream.

Shareholders' meetings at SIFs have been postponed to Saturday due to lack of quorum

The general meetings of shareholders (GMS) of all five financial investment companies (SIF), scheduled for Friday, have been rescheduled for Saturday due to lack of quorum. During the GMS meetings of SIF Muntenia, SIF Moldova, SIF Transilvania, SIF Oltenia and SIF Banat-Crisana, the new directors of the companies were to be appointed, for a term of another four years, informs NewsIn.

According to the regulations, in order for the shareholders to be able to take decisions in the GMS, they must meet a minimum quorum of 50% plus one of the total voting rights. No quorum was met at any of the SIFs, which is why the meetings will be convened again on Saturday, when the decisions will be taken only by the shareholders present, the quorum no longer being a condition.

The general meeting of shareholders of SIF Banat-Crisana (SIF1) did not meet the quorum at the first convocation on Friday, being present shareholders with about 27% of the total voting rights, and the meeting will be resumed on Saturday, said Ion Stancu, administrator at SIF1 .

The first convocation of the GMS SIF Oltenia (SIF5) did not meet the quorum, given that the shareholders who held only 10.68% of the share capital voted, said Tudor Ciurezu, vice president of SIF Oltenia. Several shareholders of SIF Oltenia (SIF5) will have their voting rights suspended during the general meeting for a number of 53.95 million shares, representing 9.3% of the share capital of the investment company.

The general assembly of SIF Transilvania (SIF3) did not meet the quorum at the first convocation on Friday, being present shareholders with 33.63% of the voting rights, and the meeting will be resumed on Saturday, said Mihai Fercala, president of SIF Transilvania. For Saturday's GMS, the management of SIF Transilvania limited the voting rights of Andrei Siminel, because it is supposed to act in concert with the investment fund it manages, Broadhurst Investment, but also with Cocor and two other shareholders.

The quorum at the first convening of the general meeting of SIF Moldova shareholders (SIF2) was 28.7%, the election of a new management being postponed until Saturday, said Matei Alexandru, director of the company's Management Committee. The shareholders of SIF Moldova were convened on April 24/25 during the general meeting in which they will elect seven administrators from 13 registered candidates.

The general meeting of shareholders of SIF Muntenia (SIF4) did not meet the quorum at the first convocation, while at the second convocation shareholders could vote with only 11% of the voting rights, said Pavel Petre Szel, president of SIF Muntenia. & quot "For tomorrow, we are counting on about 9% of votes by mail and shareholders will probably come directly with 1-2% of the voting rights", said the president of SIF Muntenia.

We have 5.1 million retirees, Statistics tells us. Some of them prefer to prolong their active life

Also, INS points out, in men in the city, the indisposition and dissatisfaction is higher than in men in rural areas, whose retirement creates more free time to be able to deal quietly with household activities.

It should also be noted that the shock of retirement is apparently more intense in the case of people with higher education and generally qualified, compared to people with a lower level of education or unqualified.

It is well known that the elderly generally have poorer health than the young. The studies undertaken indicate an over-morbidity of these, according to which the average existence of 2-3 chronic diseases / person is ascertained, and in advanced cases, the number of diseases per person is higher.

The high frequency of illnesses is another characteristic of the morbidity of elderly and long-lived people. At the age of 65 and over, compared to people aged 15-64, the morbidity rate is double, with large differences in diseases of the circulatory system (almost 4 times more), followed by diseases of the nervous system, diseases of the eye and its appendages. , diseases of the osteo-articular system, muscles, connective tissue, tumors, mental and behavioral disorders and diseases of the ear and mastoid process (between 2 and 3 times).

The main causes of illness in the elderly are: hearing and vision disorders, joint and rheumatic diseases (osteoporosis, which has a high social consequence and severe social consequences), heart and circulatory disorders, heart disease and arteriosclerosis, , high blood pressure), urinary incontinence problems, caterpillar dementia, consecutive falls and fractures and more.

In patients over 80 years of age, the diseases are chronic, long-term, requiring high consumption of medical care (consultations, drug treatments, repeated and long-term hospitalizations) and medical and social care (permanent surveillance and care, help housekeeping and personal hygiene, institutionalization) and are much more common. Within this population group, mental disorders as well as various forms of senility also have an increased incidence.

Adela Popescu debuted & icircn & rdquoOnly Love & rdquo, & icircn in 2004

On the other hand, we have Adela Popescu, who also made her debut in the world of Romanian soap operas in 2004, and only in love. A year later, Adela appeared in tears of love & rdquo; & rdquo & Icircngera & # 537ii & rdquo; & Icircn 2010, play & # 259 & icircn & rdquoLove & # 537i Honor & rdquo; and & icircn 2011, & icircn & rdquoPariu cu via & # 539a & rdquo. Adela Popescu got married in 2015 with Radu V & acirclcan and they had two children together.


This was followed by a continuous process of refining, refinement and innovation, which led to today's Artisan mixer, designed for performance and made to last. Its unique professional design makes it an extension of your hands, imagination, talent, allowing you to express yourself through cooking and create something truly special, every time. A wide range of optional accessories turns your Artisan mixer into a real help in the kitchen. Read more. Simply attach them to the mixer through the single attachment hub and you are ready to prepare the meal reducing your loads. With these accessories, you can mince the meat, prepare, roll and cut the pasta, mix small and large quantities - all with the effortless perfection that the 100 years of experience in the manufacture and improvement of multifunctional mixers give. Close

Valentin Mihaila turned 21! What messages did the people from Parma and the University of Craiova send him for his birthday

Transferred last summer from CSU Craiova to Parma, in exchange for 8.5 million euros, the young Romanian player made his debut in Serie A at the beginning of this year.

Mihaila has scored only one goal so far, in the eighth round of the Italian Cup, with Lazio, a match lost 2-1 by her team.

The footballer's agent, Giovanni Becali, revealed that the player has a much more advantageous contract than he had in Craiova, earning no less than 600,000 euros in the peninsula.

Adrian Mutu analyzed Mihaila's transfer and talked about the footballer's qualities.

"I talked to Liverani, who was fired by Parma, we were colleagues at Fiorentina. He was as happy as he saw him. Mihaila went there with a problem, she had pubalgia, her recovery took a while, but those there were satisfied, because she has the qualities that kiss Italian football, that is, she has courage, she has technique, she is incisive.

I didn't have the strength either when I went to Italy and put on six kilograms of muscle in six months, he has time. Do you know what Mihaila has and the others don't?

Apart from the fact that he is a tactical intelligent boy, who perfectly understands tactical tasks, he also has that speed, which, with a few kilograms of muscles on him, becomes a very important quality in today's football. I hope he gets in good shape and relies on him for the Euro", said Adrian Mutu, at Digi Sport.

On Tuesday, on the occasion of his birthday, Valentin Mihaila received messages from both his former club and those from Parma, the Italians wishing him 'Happy Birthday' in Romanian.

On the other hand, the Oltenians posted a photo, asking the fans to express their thoughts for the former midfielder of the team from Banie.

I was a whore. What, do you mind?



She was only 16 when she met him.

Sometimes he looked in the mirror and did not find anything beautiful in her appearance, it seemed to him that he had no salt or perfume, he did not have that "Come here" like other girls.

Therefore, when he began to go around her and meet her in the city, it seemed strange, undeserved, she was somewhat grateful that he, in his superiority as a male, stopped his eyes on her, somehow.

She thought of nothing but him, it was the only beautiful thing in her life and she held him tight. So tight that he agrees to be offended, no, no answer because she didn't want to upset him. She accepted his apology when she wasn't coming to a date, but he let her wait like a bad hour in front of a store for couples walking down the boulevard.

She later learns that he was cheating on her with another girl, but he or pocni She told him that he does what he wants and with whom he wants, he doesn't want to be controlled, that she alone is not his wife.

Become wife and continued to look in the mirror at times, surprised and glad to look, he found a real meaning in the world.

She sometimes moaned to her mother, she didn't tell him everything, she didn't tell him how much she cried when he spoke badly to her, she didn't tell him that she often threatened to beat her sister to death and gave her a couple in advance.

Her mother gave her something more meaningful, sighed when asked what her life was like, and received encouragement:

-Leave it, Mom, that it changes! You will see, when time passes and she has a child, he also changes, that he becomes a father!

The baby came too, he had a good drink with his friends, because, well, he was a father, he felt great, he had done something in this world too.

But she didn't change, she even began to deceive her face, she came home late or didn't come at all, and, answering her questioning glances, she said briefly:

-I've been to prostitutes. What, do you mind?

No, she didn't mind

For many years he had nothing against it, he was swearing on the one hand and advice on the other, waiting for something to change.

He was 36 when he realized he wasn't, he will not change, that it was time to change, took her baby & # 8211 big now & # 8211 papers and shoes and left, leaving a note in the kitchen:

"I waited 20 years for you to change. That's enough!"

Before leaving, she quickly looked in the mirror and thought she was very beautiful.

Dynamo & # 8230 and that's it

Today, September 1, the former Dinamo glory, Dudu Georgescu, turns 60! Here is a happy opportunity, as it cannot be missed, to evoke him again, here on the portal of Dinamo fans, on the legendary goal scorer of Dinamo Bucharest, who, between 1973-1983, delighted with his talent, devotion and exceptional successes. the crowd of supporters and supporters of the team from Sos. Ştefan cel Mare - a team that included, among others, Dumitrache, Lucescu, Dinu, Radu Nunweiller, Cheran, Deleanu, Sălceanu, Custov, Al. Moldovan, Sandu Gabriel, Mircea Constantinescu, Cavai or Sătmăreanu II, but later also Augustin, Ion Moldovan, Ion Marin, Ţălnar, Mulţescu, Stănescu, Iordache, Orac etc. Equally, Dudu Georgescu delighted those who support our national team, all football fans.

Dudu Georgescu is one of the greatest strikers that Romania has given him, comparable perhaps only to the late Dumitrache, with the specification that, without any doubt, Dudu is the most gallant of all. Through his work and punching skills, he became Europe's top scorer and winner of the "Golden Ice" Trophy twice in three seasons. To achieve such performances, Dudu often said "I worked with the team, all over the field." Of course, only then "Dinamo played a dream football. In 75 out of 90 minutes the ball was in our possession, and the opponents were satisfied if they lost only 2-0 ", Dudu remembers. And we remember, especially today, in recent years & # 8230

With Dinamo Bucharest, Dudu Georgescu won 4 championships and a Romanian Cup, played a total of 370 matches in the first division and scored 252 goals, being the absolute top scorer of all time in the national championship (extremely difficult record). equaled, if not impossible, in today's conditions) and the 111th top scorer in the world, according to international statistics. He played 23 matches for Dinamo in the European cups, scoring 17 times!

Modest, discreet, delicate, Dudu Georgescu keeps a decent anonymity, only he knows where and how many times he sneaks into the stands of Stephen the Great, at the matches of the team of his soul, because Dudu remained a silent and fine lover and observer of Dinamo, but unknown and seemingly too forgotten by many who should not forget. We, the fans - whether they are young, who know him from the movie library, photos or stories of his parents, or they are older and who had the chance and the happiness to see him play and jump from the chairs, “Goool! Du-du, Du-du! ”, At his unstoppable blows with his head or his golden boots - I didn't forget him. He delighted our childhood, and the image of his memory nourishes the hope of our children, eager for true, invaluable models. Dudu Georgescu was and will remain a 48 carat Dinamo athlete - 24 and 24!

Tupperware CONTEST: How do you simplify your work in the kitchen? Survival guide.

Lately I have received more and more remarks from friends / acquaintances that it is not possible to eat healthy or cook daily unless you are very passionate about cooking or have a lot of free time. Totally wrong! I claim that it is possible, with a minimum of half an hour of & # 8220fun & # 8221 allocated per day to cooking and with a greater passion for good taste, than for cooking. And, of course, you have to be a little narcissistic and care what you put in your mouth!

These were just some of the things that motivated me to cook something good and simple even when I got home from the office at 8 o'clock in the evening. A & # 8230a was also good shopping organization, very important! You probably imagine that if you don't have a weekly beat plan and the purchases made in advance you have no chance to do it on Superman / Superwomen during the week (with menu, shopping and cooking). Who else would be in the mood?

And, of course, as in any project, in this one too, solutions must be sought to make work more efficient. When it comes to quick cooking, we must not neglect the part of the appliances and utensils with which we must equip our kitchen over time.

In this regard, I have always tried to get my hands on quality gadgets, durable, small, easy to hide (because I like to have a work environment as orderly as possible) and that do specific things, being aware that a device or utensil that promises to do & # 8220everything for everyone & # 8221 will not fulfill any attribution to the superlative. Thus, in addition to the mixer, food processor, blender and quality knives, in my kitchen you will find hidden a multitude of small utensils and appliances used, in part, for specific things.

So let's recap! In order to eat something very good every day and spend as little time in the kitchen as possible, I think it is essential to:

1. Let's be constantly inspired by our favorite recipe sites / blogs / pages that we crave and trust that anything done with pleasure will come out tasty (with a little perseverance) even if we are not the most skilled chefs. Or put our imagination to the test and test combinations that our taste buds would categorize as tasty.

2. Let's do a Friday or Saturday weekly menu with 7 dishes to your heart's content (2 for the weekend, 5 for the next week), which doesn't take us more than 30 minutes of our time to cook.

In addition to these, we can make the weekend a bigger pot of soup / soup and put on the shopping list some healthy fruits / vegetables / cereals with which we can make various quick snacks and a healthy breakfast every day.

3. Let's make the recipe developer this weekend. Specifically, take out all the ingredients we need to cook the chosen recipes and divide them into categories / places where we can buy them.

4. Let's not avoid the markets when we go shopping. Let's start with them and end with supermarkets and hypermarkets!

So, when you make your shopping list, try to put fruits, vegetables, possibly spices, cheeses, fish and eggs (if you eat something like this and have markets with specialized halls next to you) to be placed on the market list. Why? Simple, they are much tastier, cheaper and certainly more local than in supermarkets. Then, the rest of the things easy to find in common in the supermarket, buy them from there.

P.S. Don't stress that your food will spoil from Sunday to Friday if you have refrigerators and have a little imagination in cooking the most perishable ingredients for the first time.

5. Let's equip our kitchen with the cutest and most useful appliances and utensils (which we would gladly use), which make our work easier and which suit our lifestyle.

6. Let's look at cooking as a fun action / as an art / as a challenge which can bring us in plates prepared by 5 stars at a price that most of us can afford and as a ritual that makes us happy and unites our family. By no means like a & # 8220 chore & # 8221 waiting for us at home after work.

A rather interesting thing that you will notice if you accept the challenge of testing a lifestyle of this type, in addition to the diversity and taste of meals, will be the fact that you will not throw away food and spend much less than normal. So, at least as an experiment / as a game, I say it's worth a try.

Tupperware contest

And because I know that many of you will be curious to even test your daily cooking at home, I have a surprise for you. Along with Tupperware, they come to your aid with some cute kitchen gadgets. All you have to do to enter the draw is to:

1. Follow Tuppeware and Smart Cuisine on Facebook

2. To answer in a comment on this article the question: How do you simplify your work in the kitchen? (you don't need a story, but a phrase to share with us 1-2 methods you use to make your work more efficient)

1. Prize 1: a Turbo Chef and a silicone muffin shape

The Turbo Chef it is a small food processor that does not require power supply.

It can be taken on vacation or at a picnic and chops absolutely anything: onions, garlic, greens, carrots, celery, even almonds!

Here is a video that shows us how it works:

As for Tupperware silicone molds, they are ultra-light and non-stick, work perfectly for both hot and cold food and withstand extreme temperatures, from -25 degrees C to +200 degrees C, and can be used at cooking in the microwave or traditional oven, as well as in the freezer or refrigerator.

2. Prize 2: a Sprit Tupperware (which can be used to decorate, fill donuts, make cookies and write on cakes) and a silicone form for waffles

3. Prize 3: A kettle for rice and a Allegria glass with lid

The rice cooker

  • It helps you get the perfect rice every time without any worries, regardless of the type of rice used or the recipe (if you want classic or Chinese rice)
  • Use in the microwave!
  • Withstands temperatures up to +120 ° C. Maximum power 500 Watts.

Allegra glass with lid

  • With an elegant yet cheerful line, the Allegra range makes any table look fresh whether at home, at a picnic or at parties
  • Allegra glasses have a colorful and glossy interior so that they can be easily cleaned and a matte exterior to prevent scratches.
  • It has a lid that closes tightly, so you can store it in the fridge or carry your favorite drink, yogurt or other quick snacks anywhere.
  • Caution: do not put the lid on if you have hot / hot contents in the glass because due to the pressure created by the steam it will jump.

Deployment period: January 12-31, 2015. Winners will be drawn on February 2 by means of the random mechanism and will be announced both via email and on the site.

Important! Tupperware products are sold only through Tupperware Presenters. So don't be surprised if you can't find the products for sale online & # 8211 they come bundled with a customized user guide as needed. For more details visit

Good luck to everyone and good luck in & # 8220kitchen & # 8221!


The big moment has come. The contest is over and we have 3 prizes to give. I just received from Master the list of the 3 winners. In the following order, the 3 prizes are given & # 8230

So, Ilieș Rita receives the 1st prize, Ioniță Elena Ștefania & # 8211 2nd prize and Anca S (Sovagau) & # 8211 3rd prize. Congratulations to all participants and thank you for the tips / tricks you shared with us! I expect from the winners by email, full name and exact delivery address.

Completion after years & # 8230

PS. I chose to share with you, our readers & # 8211 with all sincerity & # 8211 this cramp in my life since 2009. Maybe something from my story back then is your story and maybe you just read and you can understand others who are going through such situations . We learn from each other the profession of parent, from feelings, from emotions, from mistakes, from experiences and often from children.

New challenges always appear and we do not always know how to react to get well for the heart of the parent and that of the child. But we also learn how long we live and love, anything, absolutely everything goes. There are many miracles around us. :).

It is important to succeed in time to cherish the relationship with our children properly: as a precious diamond that we have the honor to hold in our hands.

My life has changed radically since that stage. In 2010 & # 8211 shortly after the moment of the story mentioned above & # 8211 I left my former job, guided by these emotions of a parent too far from his child and why I felt that my little girl needed it.

Later, a few months later, I created the site, meant to bring parents like me together, united by the same questions, feelings, emotions, searches.

I work from home on the site, so the relationship with my little girl evolved very nicely, filling the void that we both felt with time and quality and soul relationship, a lot of soul, that is, everything that really matters. I am grateful every day to the angel who she is and also to the life teacher who turned out to have been to me in many situations.

& # 8222Our children are not our children, they come through us but they belong to life & # 8221 (Khalil Gibran) and we are meant to help them really shine.