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Sarmale with smoked bacon

Sarmale with smoked bacon

We mix the minced meat one by one with the hardened onion, the finely chopped bacon, the rice, the pepper, the salt, the thyme.

We prepare the cabbage leaves, we put a spoonful of the composition made on each leaf and we roll it, we close each sheet at the ends so that the composition does not come out. house and smoked bones.

Add the broth and enough water to pass through the sarmale and cook at the right heat.

Good appetite!

Sarmale in created cabbage leaves Chef Samuel's recipe

For starters, scald the cabbage leaves for 3 minutes in hot water so that they remain slightly crispy. Chop the bacon and meat, clean and wash the rice, soak the slices of bread in water. Saute the rice in a little oil.

Wash and peel the vegetables, cut them into thin strips and fry them. Add the meat and bacon over them and simmer until the meat changes color. Put 250 g of tomato paste, salt, pepper, add the chopped greens, crushed garlic and hardened rice and leave them on the fire for about 3 minutes. Turn off the heat, add the bread, which you drain well before, and mix the composition. After it cools, add the eggs.

From this composition you form a ball of meat that you flatten a little and put it in the middle of the cabbage leaves arranged in such a way as to include all the meat. Wrap the meat well in the cabbage leaves and then put it in a tightly closed steak bag and boil it for 45 minutes (the water should be close to the boiling point when you put the meat).

After boiling, take it out of the bag and put it in the oven in a sauce made of water and 250 g of tomato paste for about 30 minutes and at a temperature of 160 ° C, so that the cabbage takes on color.

Serve it on a bed of cabbage leaves with grilled polenta, sour cream and hot peppers.

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I ask you why you need an egg. / why you need soft bread. as you just don't make meatballs, I'm from ARDEAL BUT I DIDN'T HEAR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. stop posting something like that.

Now, my dear, everyone is making sarmale as we know or as we have learned. There are also so many recipes on the internet you can choose to prepare them as you wish. I agree that you can agree with me when I say that everyone has the right to post what they want. Thank you for visiting my recipes and maybe even preparing some of them. X

Carbonara with smoked bacon

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Butterflies with smoked bacon

Since Adrian grew, the number of pasta fans in our family has multiplied :).

The recipe below is probably the simplest but as we know, for simple recipes (and not only) it is necessary to use quality ingredients.

  • 100g dried raw bacon
  • 300g paste
  • a little olive oil
  • sare, pepper, parmesan

1. Boil the pasta according to the instructions on the package.

2. Cut the bacon into slices and fry it quickly, without oil because it has enough fat. You can also fry it in a little oil (I prefer to add it at the end). Add the cooked pasta, mix and season with salt and pepper.

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1 suitable cabbage
1 kg boneless carp
200 g smoked fish
100 g of rice
3 small onions
4 tablespoons oil
ground pepper and berries
Bay leaves
240 ml white wine
240 ml of tomato juice
For decoration
lemon slices
chopped parsley

Finely chop the onion and fry it in a little oil. Meanwhile, chop the smoked fish and carp. In a large bowl, mix the hardened onion with the minced meat, season with pepper and if necessary sprinkle with salt, then add dill and thyme, to taste, and the previously washed rice.

You choose the cabbage leaves for the cabbage rolls, and chop the rest faithfully. Fill them with the fish meat composition and tighten them tightly so that they do not fall apart. Grease the pot with oil and place a layer of chopped cabbage. Chicken, peppercorns, dill or thyme, place the sarmales in a circle and cover them well with chopped cabbage, adding a few bay leaves. After placing the last layer of cabbage, pour the wine, water and, finally, the tomato juice. Let the sarmales simmer for a few hours, until they are well penetrated. Serve hot with a few slices of lemon and chopped parsley.

Sarmale. 3 delicious recipes for sarmale for Christmas

Brine a culinary preparation of minced meat (usually pork, but also beef, sheep, poultry or even fish), mixed with rice and other ingredients, wrapped in cabbage leaves (fresh or sour), veal or stevia etc., in the form of a roll.

Gourmets are of the opinion that sarmales are tastier if they are boiled in a cast iron cauldron, over a low heat, or in a ceramic pot, in the oven, if pieces of mussels are placed at the bottom of the pot / ceramic pot and between the sarmales. smoked or even a smoked pork chop, thyme leaves, dill and peppercorns.

It is said that if consumed after "staying" 2-3 days, sarmales will have a special flavor.

At the table, sarmales are served with polenta, cream and hot peppers.

There are several types of sarmale recipes. We have for you the best 3 recipes you can try for Christmas.

Homemade bacon

Why make bacon at home? First of all, because every time I happened to taste a slice of bacon from the trade, in recent years, the taste I was left with at the end was one of medicine, something astringent, hard to recognize but in any case unpleasant. Then, because the commercial sausages are becoming more and more & # 8222comerciale & # 8221: additives of all kinds, injections with brine to pull as much as possible on the scales, the meat that no one knows where it comes from. Thirdly, because it is very pleasant to enjoy something delicious, made 100% by you. In my opinion, these three arguments are enough to never buy bacon again. Whether I managed to convince you or not, I will find myself reading your comments and enjoying the photos with your own attempts at bacon. Anyway, my homemade bacon recipe is for those who do not have smokers and sophisticated tools, you just need a grill and a lot of attention.

Preparation time: 72:00 hours
Cooking time: 03:00 hours
Total Time: 75:00 hours
Number of servings: 2 kg.
Degree of difficulty: average

Homemade Bacon Ingredient:

  • 2.5 & # 8211 3 kg. of pork tenderloin or boneless pork breast (meat from the belly of the animal or from the breast, with layers of meat and fat)
  • 1 tablespoon peppercorns
  • 1 tablespoon mustard seeds
  • 1 teaspoon coriander seeds
  • 1 teaspoon duck seeds
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 teaspoon of allspice
  • 1 teaspoon grated nutmeg
  • chilli powder or 3-4 dried chilli, to taste (if you don't like it very spicy, give up)
  • 1 tablespoon sweet paprika tip, good quality
  • 1 tablespoon granulated garlic
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1 tablespoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1 teaspoon dried marjoram
  • 2 tablespoons coarse salt
  • hardwood chips (I used apple chips) for smoking

Homemade Bacon Preparation:

1. Choose the right meat, with a thickness of at least 5 cm. (5-8 cm.) And with layers of meat alternating with fat. If pork breast is used, the ribs should be removed (ask the butcher). The meat can be left in one large piece or cut into two pieces.

2. The spice mixture is perfectly balanced and flavorful for my tastes. If you dislike one of the spices on the list of ingredients or you can't afford it, you can give it up without problems, but it's not about salt, pepper or garlic.

3. The spices in the form of seeds are ground or finely ground in a mortar, then mix everything, except the 2 tablespoons of coarse salt.

4. Store 2 tablespoons of the spice mixture in a clean, dry, tightly closed container. Rub the meat vigorously with coarse salt all over the surface, then place in a large saucepan and dress in the spice mixture in a thick layer. Cover the casserole with the lid and refrigerate for 3 days, turning the pieces of meat from one side to the other every day.

5. The salt and sugar content will make the meat release water, so the spice layer will be moist on the 3rd day.

6. Wash the meat quickly under running cold water, completely removing the layer of spices, then rub with the 2 tablespoons of dry seasoning kept and place on a grill pan so that it does not touch the bottom of the tray.

7. Soak the wood chips in water and then drain. Divide 2 good handfuls of chips on 3 double aluminum foils, then wrap tightly and make holes with a knife in the foil, so that the smoke has a place to come out.

8. Light the fire on the grill and place a package of chips directly on top of the fire (if you have a charcoal grill, pull the whole embers aside & # 8211 it won't take much embers from the beginning, because the temperature should be low & # 8211 and place the package over the embers.)

9. When the package starts to smoke, place the meat tray on the grill, sideways from the fire (not directly above the heat source) and cover the grill with a lid as tight as possible, so that the smoke is retained as much as possible inside. If you have a charcoal grill, you will need to prepare the embers separately and add it a little at a time, as the embers in the grill will go out. The package with chips is changed once every 1 hour, and the whole process of cooking / smoking the bacon lasts 3 hours, at a temperature of 150-160 degrees Celsius, in no case more, because we do not want to fry the meat, but to smoke it.

10. Here is what the bacon looks like at the end of the 3 hours of smoking at 150 degrees Celsius:

11. Place the smoked bacon on a tray, cover with a wooden bottom (or other tray) and place a weight on top. Allow to cool to room temperature then refrigerate (with the weight on top) for a few hours. After cooling and pressing, the bacon can be tasted. It is wrapped in parchment paper and can be refrigerated for 2 weeks.

Sarmale in cabbage leaves with minced meat and rice

Stuffed cabbage with minced meat and rice peasant recipe for Moldovan sarmalute, traditional Moldovan recipe, old recipe, step by step video recipe. What meat is used for sarmale, how many sarmale come out of a kilogram of meat? Recipe of cabbage written and video.

Mix everything well with a wooden spoon, I like to beat the dough a little, because it becomes fluffy by absorbing air, like small pasta.

To inspire you, I show you other absolutely delicious ways. My sarmale recipes are here . I make them in the same way: with cabbage leaves, lime, vine, pumpkin or duck and chicken, poultry (duck, goose, chicken, turkey), pork, beef, lamb or fasting & hellip

Moldovan babe secret for the best sarmale:

Tips from Gina Bradea

Put the fresh cabbage in the freezer and leave for 12 hours. Remove to the table and allow to thaw at will. No more scalding & # 128578

Put it in the oven over high heat until it boils, then let it simmer for 3-4 hours, depending on the oven.

Towards the end, add 1 cup of wine and put it back in the oven. I like to take out 1 wire from time to time, to eat like this, uncooked well.

After they have boiled, I turn off the heat and leave the pot in the oven until it cools down, usually until the next day (I don't make sarmale in the summer, on the heatwave - be careful, because it breaks).

In this way, prepared, they melt in your mouth. They can also be made in a cauldron, fireplace, stove or stove. See more recipes for sarmale (stuffed cabbage, sarmale in pumpkin, broken, etc.).

They are served hot with polenta, hot peppers, sour cream, and if you have a red wine & ndash the blood of the strong next to the country, the rest is history. & # 128578 If you made smoked sarmales, add a few pieces of smoked to each portion.

I have several pictures (taken with the phone) and you can see sarmale made in several rows, with smoked, smoked ciolan, bacon, Romanian sauerkraut (sent by my mother, from Romania and kept in the freezer & ndash it is very good), with freshly created Italian cabbage (the green one is wonderful, they work splendidly and are tasty).

I like to put a little rice (it increases its volume about 4 times), but if you want, you can put more rice.

Tip for delicious sarmale:

If you use fresh cabbage, at the end put 1-2 cups of borscht or juice from 2 lemons, to be sour. If you make the sarmales in the clay pot & ndash don't forget to take them out after boiling & ndash cooling, otherwise the pot will absorb all the juice from the sarmales. You know that before use the clay pot must stay at least 1 hour filled with cold water, right? It's important not to forget.

See pictures from several types of sarmale made.

Good appetite and I'm waiting for you to tell me how your stuff came out and maybe you can show me a picture. & # 128578

From the readers who tried the cabbage sarmale recipe, made according to this Moldovan recipe: