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Cake with double raspberry cream

Cake with double raspberry cream

If you have time, it is good to prepare the top and the raspberry jelly / puree the day before.

I was a bit pressured by time /

I prepared the two countertops according to the recipe here.

Because I used frozen raspberries, I let it thaw, I mixed it with the sugar, I put it on the fire until the sugar melted.

Then I passed the whole mixture through a thick sieve to remove the seeds.

I put the mixture on the fire again

I diluted the starch with the raspberry syrup, then put it in the pan over the raspberries.

I stirred until it thickened.

I let it cool.

I soaked the gelatin sheets in cold water.

I mixed the whipped cream.

I heated the gelatin a little in the microwave. Just enough to melt.

Then I poured it thinly over the raspberries.

I incorporated the raspberry jelly in the whipped cream and put it in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Make sure it doesn't get too hard.

I cut the larger countertop in half horizontally, syruped it and put the raspberry mousse.

I put whipped cream and colorful ornaments on the edge.

I cut the smaller countertop to obtain 3 countertops.

For the raspberry cream with mascarpone we proceeded as follows:

I mixed the mascarpone cream with the powdered sugar and put the raspberry jelly on it.

I mixed the whipped cream and then incorporated it into the mixture of mascarpone and raspberries.

I filled the smaller countertop with this cream, after I syruped it.

I covered the rest of the cake with whipped cream.

I melted the white chocolate on a steam bath with 2-3 tablespoons of whipped cream.

I divided the chocolate into several bowls and put a drop of dye in each, thus obtaining various colors.

With each color I drew lines above the cake, letting it drip on the edge.

I also put the rest of the ornaments: ladybugs, popcorn and chocolate sticks.

That's about the recipe, a simple but very tasty cake from what those who tasted confessed.

Raspberry cake

& Icirc & # 539i need for countertop:
4 or & # 259
120 g zah & # 259r
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
140 g f & # 259in & # 259
2 tablespoons baking powder
& Icirc & # 539i need for cream & # 259:
8 sheets of gelatin & # 259
250 g raspberries & # 259
150 g zah & # 259r
1 tablespoon of juice and acircie
250 g br & acircnz & # 259 quark (sau br & acircnz & # 259 de vaci obi & # 537nuit & # 259)
300 ml sm & acircnt & acircn & # 259
& Icirc & # 539i need for decoration:
300 ml sm & acircnt & acircn & # 259
1 sachet for frying
50 g zah & # 259r
400 g raspberries & # 259
1 gelatin sachet & # 259 ro & # 537ie
1 tablespoon chopped pistachios
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Thoroughly wallpaper a cake shape. Ba & # 539i & icircmpreun & # 259 ou & # 259le cu zah & # 259rul & # 537i zah & # 259rul vanilat p & acircn & # 259 devine o mas & # 259 frumoas & # 259. Sprinkle the flour and baking powder, homogenize, pour in the baking tray and bake for about 25-30 minutes. Remove the countertop when it is ready and turn it on to cool down. Then cut the countertop horizontally & icircn two & # 259.
Ask the cream:
& Icircnmoi & enspgelatina & ensp & icircn & enspap & # 259 & ensprece. Crush the raspberries, add the sugar, let it be like a puree. & Icircnc & # 259lze & # 537ti juice from l & # 259m & acircie & # 537i put & icircn it gelatin, well squeezed & # 259 of water & # 259, and after it melted, pour it over the raspberry puree & # 259. Then add the cheese, smear the whole stick well and grease with this cream one of the sheets of the countertop. Place on top of the other sheet and leave to cool for about 3 hours.
For decoration, mix sm & acircnt & acircna with 30 g sugar & # 259r & # 537i with & icircnt & # 259ritor de fri & # 537c & # 259 After you have fried, grease the cake with white cream, place raspberries on top and fix with prepared gelatin after removing the recipe from the sachet, adding the rest. de zah & # 259r r & # 259mas. Sprinkle with chopped pistachios and serve with the cake.

Preparation: 60 minutes Baking: 30 minutes
Re & # 539et & # 259 by Antoaneta Bri & # 537an, Germany

Here's a raspberry cake that's delicious and delicious.

Double Raspberry Cream Cake - Recipes

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How to cut countertop strips for spiral cake?

I cut a rectangle from baking paper (it would be better made of cardboard) in the shape of a rectangle with a length of 40 cm and a width of 7 cm. The sheets have decreased when baked (they have tightened) and are now about 30 x 38 cm and some edges are drier, stronger. These edges confuse us when running so we don't use them but we don't cut them yet. So I calculated to remove 4 strips of countertop 7 cm wide from each sheet.

I started by dividing the first sheet into 2 lengths (I worked with his roulette ruler). I put the template on the line between the two sides and cut the first 2 strips 7 cm wide. Then I moved the template to the edges and took out 2 more strips. On this occasion I got rid of the stronger curbs (they fell about 1-1.5 cm around).

In the end I got 12 strips of fluffy cocoa top.

How to make mascarpone cream with cream?

This cream is prepared in a few minutes. Cream and whipped cream should be very cold (refrigerate for 6-8 hours). I put everything in a large bowl (of the robot): unsweetened sweet cream, mascarpone, powdered sugar, 3 sachets of vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt. I started the robot at low speed (be careful that it splashes!) And I increased the speed as the cream started to bind. It must not be beaten too much so that it does not cut, but it must have a hold.

Vanilla and raspberry cream tarts

You need: 500g sweet fragrant dough, for cream: 3 egg yolks, 25g flour, 60g sugar, 2 sachets of vanilla sugar, 250ml milk, 10g butter, fresh raspberries and 8-9 small tart shapes with a diameter of 10cm.

Method of preparation:

1. Allow the dough to thaw well. Spread it with the twister until it reaches 3mm thickness. Cut it out and place it in shapes, pressing firmly with your fingers on the edge. Prick it with a fork from place to place, so it cooks well.

2. Bake for 15 minutes. When you bake the dough without filling, in order to keep its shape, put baking paper on top in which you placed rice or beans. Remove the paper and bake the sweet dough for another 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the cream:

3. Mix in a saucepan the 3 egg yolks with half the amount of sugar (until the sugar melts completely).

4. Add the flour little by little, stirring constantly with the whisk.

5. Then add the milk, remaining sugar and vanilla sugar and bring to a boil over low heat.

6. Keep on low heat, stirring constantly, until you get a cream-like cream. Turn off the heat and add the butter. Pour the hot cream into the molds and leave to cool.

7. Garnish with your favorite fruits. You can decorate with any combination of fruits.

How to make Cremșnit Cake recipe for Cremeș or Krémes Torta?

How to make vanilla cream with egg whites for Creamy Cake?

I started with the preparation of the cream because it needs a cooling time before assembling the cake.

I separated the yolks from the egg whites and put them in a bowl. I put 100 g of sugar, a little salt over the yolks and mixed them well with the mixer. If the mixture is too thick it can be diluted with 50 ml of cold milk. I added the 70 g of starch and continued mixing.

In a large pot I put the rest of the milk (the remaining 950 ml) and the vanilla bean. If you use vanilla extract or vanilla bourbon sugar then put them on the end. I put the pot of milk and vanilla on medium heat and waited for it to boil.

I put out the fire and strained the milk. I diluted the mixture of eggs, sugar and starch with this strained milk (hot) and mixed well. I poured the diluted mixture back into the pot and put it back on medium heat. I stirred constantly (be careful not to get caught!) Until it comes to a boil again. I hydrated the gelatin in cold water (granules or sheets).

After the cream boiled 2-3 times, I took it off the heat. It is thick and smooth, without lumps. If we use starch it boils instantly. If we use flour, we will have to boil the cream for a few minutes for it to cook. It is best to taste it and if you feel the flour then it is clear that you will have to boil the cream. Don't forget to stir constantly in it and the fire should be small / medium!

I quickly started beating the egg whites. When it had set, I put the 100 g of sugar and continued beating until I got a thick and shiny foam. If you haven't used a vanilla stick then now is the time to put the vanilla sugar or extract in the foam or in the slightly cooled vanilla cream. I gradually incorporated the foam (2 tablespoons at a time) immediately into the hot cream and mixed it lightly with the spatula, from top to bottom. The egg whites are cooked at 75 C and my cream is over 85 C, so rest assured they won't stay raw. If you have white spots (egg white bumps) left in the cream, you can mix it briefly with the mixer - only 10-15 seconds - so that the air in the foam is not lost. I immediately incorporated well-hydrated gelatin into it. I mixed well to melt evenly in the hot cream (max. 60 C). There is no need to melt the gelatin separately in this case.

I let the cream cool on the kitchen table. This vanilla cream with whipped egg whites is recorded in Larousse Gastronomique as "Chiboust cream".

Raspberry Cheesecake

A very special cake with a very creamy texture. Its composition is made with a cream cheese, mixed with raspberries and a very crunchy base of coconut biscuits with butter.

  • Alicia tomero
  • Cuisine: Spanish
  • Recipe type: dessert
  • Calories: 275
  • Gates: 8
  • Preparation time: 30M
  • Cooking time: 40M
  • Total time: 1H 10M


  • 300 g Philadelphia type cream cheese
  • 150 ml whipped cream
  • 2 eggs husband
  • 150g sugar
  • Raspberry cup 1
  • 2 tablespoons raspberry-flavored gelatin powder
  • A few drops of water
  • A handful of raspberries
  • Two tablespoons of powdered sugar


We will start by creating the cookie base. In our Thermomix glass we add 150 g of cookies and crush them, programming 10 seconds at speed 6.5.

Add melted butter (previously heated in the microwave on low temperature) and program 10 seconds at speed 3.5.

We prepare a round mold for cakes about 17 cm in diameter. We will cover it with grease-resistant paper, at least at its base, so that the cake can be removed much better. Add our biscuit mixture, compact it well at the base and smooth the surface. We put ourselves aside.

Preheat the oven to 180 °. Clean the glass and add the cup of raspberries. We schedule it 10 seconds at speed 3. Empty the glass and separate the raspberries.

In the same glass without cleaning, add the 300 g of cream cheese and the 150 g of sugar. Schedule and mix over time 10 seconds at speed 3.

Add the 2 eggs and 150 ml of cream and reschedule 20 seconds at speed 3. We take the mold with the biscuit base and pour the cheese mixture on top. Bake for about 40 minutes.

For decoration, we can prepare two tablespoons of raspberry-flavored gelatin in a small bowl and add a few drops of water. The idea is for the gelatin grains and its sugar to be baked and small globes to form, in order to decorate the cake. First sprinkle the icing sugar on the surface of the cake and then decorate with red sugar and raspberries.

The content of the article respects our principles of editorial ethics. To report an error, click here.

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Blackberry dessert

Blackberry dessert recipes: how to cook blackberry dessert and the tastiest recipes for pashka dessert, apple roll with puff pastry, tochitura with organs, lies with lard, paella with shrimp, cake with hearts, biscuits with ginger, bread with olives, stew with meatballs, recipes with salau.

Dessert With Blackberries, Mint And Soc

Sweets 400g blackberries 2-3 tablespoons soaked 120g powdered sugar a few sprigs of mint 300ml sour cream 250ml Greek yogurt

Muffins With Blackberries And Crispy Crust

Sweets, Cakes, Dessert 300g flour 1 tablespoon baking powder salt 190g powdered sugar 210ml milk 1 egg 100g butter 1 lemon - peel 250g apple 150g blackberries for crust: 15g butter 25g flour 15g sugar

Blackberry foam

Blackberries 500 gr blackberries 3 tablespoons powdered sugar 2-3 egg whites

Blackberry jam

Water, Blackberries 1 kg blackberries 450 g sugar (or more depending on taste) 1 glass of water.

Blackberry jam

Water, Blackberries 3 kg blackberries 500 ml water 1.5 kg sugar 1/2 small lemon

Blackberry ice cream

Blackberries 200g blackberries 50ml apple juice 100g brown sugar powder 285ml fat liquid cream / double cream preferably 190ml condensed milk sweetened a teaspoon vanilla essence

Blackberry and whipped cream cake

Blackberries 4 eggs 5 tablespoons flour 5 tablespoons sugar 3 tablespoons oil 250 g blackberries 2 teaspoons lemon juice grated peel of a lemon 2 sachets vanilla sugar a pinch of salt 2 tablespoons flour for powdering blackberries 100 g blackberries for decoration 300 g whipped cream for.

Berries in the freezer for winter

Raspberries, Blackberries / raspberries bag a tray

Crispy blackberry cake

Honey, Blackberries o2 halved pie sheets o3 tablespoons melted butter or margarine o1 tablespoon sugar o3 tablespoons finely chopped hazelnuts o250 ml liquid whipped cream homer for sweetening o1 teaspoon vanilla essence o250 gr blackberries

Blackberry ice cream

Sweets, Ice cream 400 g frozen blackberries 190 ml water 190 grams sugar 100 g whipped cream

Blackberry and strawberry ice cream

Sweets, Ice cream 500 g blackberries 300 ml whipped cream 200 g strawberries 2-3 tablespoons powdered sugar

Lava cake

Yolks, Blackberries 100 gr bitter chocolate 150 gr milk chocolate 3 eggs 2 yolks 60 gr powdered sugar 120 gr butter 80 gr flour 2 teaspoons vanilla essence for blackberry sauce: 1 cup blackberries 2 teaspoons icing sugar to serve currants

Jam full of vitamins (cranberries, blackberries, pears)

Blackberries 4 kg of cranberries 1 kg of blackberries 3 kg of ripe pears 1-2 kg of salicylated sugar (optional)

Crumble with apples and blackberries

Apples, Blackberries - for the filling 4 apples 300 g blackberries 175 g sugar juice from a lemon - for the dough 125 g white flour 125 g biscuit flour 125 g cereal flakes 175 g cold butter 55 g sugar a cinnamon knife tip

^ Blackberry ice cream

- 1.5 kg of blackberries - 250 -500 g of sugar (to taste) / ^ sweetener - 100 g of thick cream / thick yogurt - 1 lemon (juice)

Simple jam with blackberries

Canned food, Winter canned one kg of blackberries 700 g sugar

Blackberry foam

Sweets, Foams 1 cup blackberries 200 ml whipped cream - beaten 90 g powdered sugar 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence 1/2 teaspoon cognac

Creamy dessert with blackberries

Sweets, Foams for countertop: 3 eggs 3 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon yogurt 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon powdered sugar with vanilla pods 3 tablespoons and 1/2 flour 1 tablespoon cocoa 1 tablespoon grated lemon peel cream: 250 gr mascarpone 100 gr whipped cream 4.

Blackberry cake and cream cheese

Sweets, Top cakes: 5 large eggs, 315 g flour, 250 g butter at room temperature, 300 g sugar, 8 tablespoons milk, grated peel of a large lemon, lemon juice, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon baking powder. cheese and white chocolate mousse: 500.

Dessert pizza with Nutella and berries

Chocolate Cakes, Cakes, Sweets 1 frozen pizza dough 450 g fresh fruit (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry) 150 g fresh mint nutella (optional) 100 g white chocolate

Raspberry and chocolate cream cake

Raspberry Cream Cake & Chocolate Cake, great for New Year's Eve.
Popularity gelatine it stretches across the centuries and continents. It is odorless, tasteless, colorless, transparent, and yet gelatin makes it possible to create many types of food.
These gelatin-based dishes offered medieval tables a storytelling shape and a texture that changed shape and incorporated vegetables and vegetables.

Photo: Raspberry Cream Cake & Chocolate Cake

& Icirc & # 539i need for countertop:
5 or & # 259
5 tablespoons sugar
3 tablespoons yogurt
6 tablespoons f & # 259in & # 259
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 tablespoon & # 539 & # 259 baking powder
2 tablespoons vanilla
1 pinch of salt
For raspberry cream & # 259:
500 g mascarpone
200 ml fri & # 537c & # 259 liquid & # 259
450 g raspberries & # 259 frozen & # 259
4 tablespoons powdered sugar
4 sheets of gelatin & # 259
2 tablespoons vanilla
For chocolate cream & # 259:
150 ml fri & # 537c & # 259 liquid & # 259
150 g dark chocolate & # 259
For glaze & # 259:
100 g chocolate & # 259 white & # 259
40 ml fri & # 537c & # 259 liquid & # 259
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Mix the egg yolks with the sugar, add the icing and increase the volume. Add the yogurt, then the vanilla, baking powder, cocoa and flour. Incorporate the white foam into the salt and mix gently. & Icircmpar & # 539i composition & # 539ia & icircn 3 bowls, & icircn evenly. Bake on the floor for 3 worktops, over medium heat, for about 10 minutes, in a 23 cm tray, lined with baking paper.
Ask for chocolate cream: tope & # 537ti chocolate la bain-marie, & icircn fri & # 537ca liquid & # 259. Store cream in refrigerator for 2-3 hours.
For raspberry cream & # 259, pass the fruits & icircn blender & # 537i pass them through the site & # 259. Mix mascarpone with sugar, vanilla, then whipped cream. Incorporate the raspberry puree, then the gelatin, and previously hydrate it in 100 ml of cold water and melt it on a steam bath.
On the plate, in the ring of the cake form, assemble as follows: top, 1/2 of the raspberry cream, top, the rest of the cream and top again. Keep the cake cold for 3 hours. Mix the cold chocolate cream & # 259 & # 537i & icircmbraci the cake with it.

Re & # 539et & # 259 by Roxana Ciobanu, F & # 259lticeni, Suceava County

Simple and delicious lemon and raspberry cake

Lemon and raspberry cake Easter cake festive cake light cake simple cake refined cool cake homemade cake fruit dessert wet top with lemon butter cream with swiss meringue raspberry cream berries


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