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Potato soup, sour with cabbage dies

Potato soup, sour with cabbage dies

Peel the roots (carrots, parsley and celery), wash, cut into rounds and bring to a boil over high heat with 3 liters of water. When the foam rises on top, it is collected and thrown away. Make up with water when it drops.

Meanwhile, peel the onion, wash, cut into small pieces and cook over low heat in enough oil.

Wash the peppers, clean the stalks and seeds, then cut the julienne and soak them in the pan with the onion.

Wash the tomatoes, cut them into cubes and put them in the pan, with the other vegetables, to harden, until the liquid drops.

Choose the parsley leaves, wash and cut finely.

Peel the potatoes, wash and cut into cubes.

When the roots are almost cooked, add the diced potatoes to the pot and, after boiling, the hardened vegetables.

After another two or three boils, check if the potatoes have boiled, pour the cabbage mill, season with salt and pepper, and after another boil, take the pot off the heat, sprinkle with chopped parsley, put the lid on and after 10 -15 minutes "rest", the soup can be served with 1-2 tablespoons of sour cream and / or hot peppers.

Cabbage soup diet

It is a diet in which the more you eat, the more you lose weight. Still can't believe it? E, wait to find out more. You can't eat anything, and your staple food for 1 week (as long as the diet lasts) will be cabbage soup.

How do you make cabbage soup?
Choose some suitable onions, 2 bell peppers, 1 medium or 2 smaller cabbages, 2 cans of tomatoes in broth, salt and pepper to taste, 1 cube of knorr, celery leaf, hot peppers (if you like spicy food) and parsley .
Place all this cleaned and cut in a pot of water to cover it.

Boil for 10 minutes on high heat and then for 2 hours on low heat. It is then consumed as much as possible. She is hungry and quite tasty.

How is the diet maintained?
The diet is recommended to be kept for 7 days, at the end of which, if you have not cheated, you can lose between 5 and 7 kilograms.
On the first day, in addition to cabbage soup, you are allowed to eat as much fruit as you want and drink plenty of plain water.
The next day, combine the cabbage soup with vegetables and plain water, but be careful to avoid vegetables such as beans, peas, potatoes and corn.
On the third day you are allowed both fruits and vegetables.

And of course a lot of water soup.
On the fourth day you eat 3 bananas and soup. Don't forget the water.
On the fifth day you can serve 800 grams of beef or chicken with simula soup, lots of water.
On the sixth day you can eat boiled rice next to the soup you are already used to.
On the seventh and last day, you can eat a lot of soup on the grills.

If you feel that you are losing too much weight in the first days, interrupt the diet for 2 days and then start again.
It is good not to keep this diet for more than a week.

If you still want to lose more than 7 kilograms, you can take a break for a week after that to start over.

All that remains is to wish you much success.

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Hi girls ! Tomorrow I will start the cure with cabbage soup! I hope I have the will and not cheat! It's my first weight loss treatment and I'm really curious how my body will react, I'm 1.65 and 54 kg, I want to reach 48. I hope to succeed, because, summer has come, we go to the sea, blah, blah. I will keep you updated with the evolution of kg of soup, I have already prepared it, but starting tomorrow it is not bad in taste, after a few tablespoons. I will tell you after 3-4 days how delicious it is :) Only good girls and much, much will!

It's my 4th day, I'm 1.66 and I started at 61 kg. Today I have 58.8: D. Tip: DO NOT PUT A CABBAGE OR TWO on a 3 liter pan, as you will not cook cabbage. half a cabbage is enough and what amazes me is that no one says THIS SOUP IS INCREASING. And the cabbage soup goes with DILL. That's why people keep saying it's bad soup. Of course, if it is not sour and spicy as it should be! And don't say he dies of cabbage soup. On the contrary, the body demands to get rid of so much meat and nonsense that we always ingest. I cheated on the 3rd day, I ate 2 sheets of bitter chocolate, 85% cocoa. I drank coffee WITH MILK, always without sugar and I will continue like this. Kiss you and good luck!

Thanks, starting today)) I hope to have effect: D

I started the cure yesterday, I ate three servings, plus cabbage salad with cucumbers, eggplant salad put on pepper slices and a lot of water. After a day I have a kg less. Today I will continue with three servings of soup but I also took the pumpkin to grill with mujdei, I will also eat cabbage salad and I hope to get over today and tomorrow I will have one kg less. I don't like the day when I have to eat bananas, drink skim milk next to cabbage soup. After all, this diet is also a dissociated type. After I finish this week, when I will be 4-5 kg ‚Äč‚Äčthinner, I will avoid bread, sweets and fries, I will drink a lot of water and so I hope to stay. My opinion is that this soup kind of cuts your appetite.

how much cabbage soup should be consumed in a day?

girls I have 1.67 and 71.5kg a lot for my height but I have ambition and I want to reach 57 kg do not give up and I'll tell you something dissociated belts are the worst for the body better follow an associated diet that is umpic from every luck and I will enter in 2 weeks and 5 days to tell you the result and it depends on everyone's metabolism I can lose 10 kg and my girlfriend misses 3 it depends on the body I kiss you sweet

and I will try it tomorrow, I hope it works, that in 2 weeks and 5 days I have to lose 10 kg because I'm going to check in Cluj and nush what the doctor is doing with my hand :(

good girls and good evaarad, I weigh 107 kg (now I weighed myself), I think I'm obese if I have my body mass index but I also have a gland and today I will start keeping this diet, I haven't kept it but maj comments are good. I believe evaarad that people who have a surplus of kg as big as ours lose a little faster than those who have 85 jk, but I repeat and I think it is normal depending on everyone's body. I will weigh myself on Thursday and come back to tell you the result, I kiss you girls and I wish you a pleasant day and as much will as possible.

I forgot to tell you something else: besides the fact that the soup is dirty after only 2 days of treatment, I started to feel dizzy and feel very weak. When I reached the 7th day, I didn't even have the strength to dress. and the worst aspect, after 2-3 months of the cure, I gained weight again.

I also kept this diet and it is not as effective as you all say. I lost weight, but not so much, only 2 kg and I strictly followed what is written in the diet without any deviation. And . honestly it seems impossible to lose 5-7 kg in just 7 days.

Last summer I kept it too..I lost 5 kg and I didn't put them back on. fitness. I hope it works for you too. From today I keep it one more time. Good luck girls

I drank sweetened tea today during the diet. diet also has an effect.

I also have a question. I am allowed to drink tea during the diet.

today is the fifth day, waw it's the first time I manage to keep a diet, I always started on Monday and I finished in March. I lost 3.6 kg. courage to all those who think that you will not succeed for more than a day, who are not used to diets, like me. I thought the same until I started the next day when I weighed myself and saw -1 , 2kg, gave me the courage to continue.

Hi, I start by saying that I have kept this detoxification / weight loss treatment and it really gives results, its secret being the will not to miss it! I lost about 5 years ago about 18 kg in during 2 and a half months with a week off, a week off, but at the same time I went to the gym! What I can recommend to those who want to lose weight is that, after the first month, so practically 2 weeks of dieting, -A week is good to take some vitamins. a complex because otherwise you will feel a little apathetic! Vitamins do not have to be something special, they are good and those you find in DM, multivitamins and minerals in the tube, effervescent tablets! A glass, maybe a maximum of 2 per day! I took them because I was going to the gym and I needed a little energy: P. In the weeks off I ate almost anything except bread but moderately and with my head, I did not abuse! The secret of a healthy life, that is, to we do not abuse, and if it happens for various reasons, we will have to work and get rid of excess calories through a lot of movement! any kind of movement but, remember, sustained because the movement will help the body to pass more easily through this transition because during the effort endorphins and adrenaline are eliminated! Hormones that as you well know are "wellness" hormones! I did not bore you, I wish you a healthy and supple lifestyle to the body!

I kept this cure, but only for four days, and I lost as much weight as I needed (3-4 kg, I don't know exactly). this is what happened 5 years ago. I didn't have any problems after that, but now, due to the busy schedule, I abused fast food and I didn't go to the gym anymore. tomorrow I start the cure again! Its secret is that it is a more detoxifying cure, so you get rid of exactly what is ugly on your belly, bottom and thighs. a little exercise, 10-15 minutes a day and we are ready for the beach! good luck girls!

. Hi. interesting diet with this soup. I'll keep it tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. I weigh 57 kg and I hope to reach 47. I hope it will work

For girls, the best diet is the orderly meal schedule and fluid intake. Of course, some "prohibitions". What I can recommend is the "Natur House Program". I think they have centers in almost every big city. I lost 10 kg in 3 months without losing muscle mass because you are monitored every week. But you have to follow the nutritionist's schedule. Without advertising, search for "Natur House" and see details.

hello girls :) I advise you to spin the cabbage and squeeze 2 3 lemons in the cabbage juice and drink every day about a liter and lime fruit only with morning coffee and lunch that must be chosen with great care ..I have lost weight the 68kg the 55kg. 13 kg in 5 weeks the evening if you are hungry I suggest a salad with lemon a pinch of salt and oil. a little oil the oil fattens. success girls

Hello, I'm starting this cure with cabbage soup today. I'm looking forward to it because I have it on the stove and I'm hungry. I hope I can last 7 days. I tried again but I didn't go all the way. I'll come back with details. good luck girls!

Today I also started the diet. I want to look good in a swimsuit, in July when I go to the sea. Unfortunately, I have a surplus of 15 kg, which I would really like to get rid of. I'm also happy if I lose 10 kg. In parallel, I do an hour of cycling / day, I hope this helps too. Plus massage with Relax & Tone.

I am also on a diet, and the effects are admirable, but I want to ask if anyone who has followed this diet in the past can say what followed the diet? How did he maintain his weight?

Hi girls I am 168 tall and 64 kg and I would like to lose up to 58 because I have to go on vacation for 11 days and I don't want to go back with 70 I would like to know if cabbage soup works wonders that I would like to lose weight and on vacation to come back with 63 not with 70 :) I will tell you that tomorrow I start kissing

for girls who want to lose weight I'll tell you how I held it. I lasted a week only with cabbage soup with green tea with and without fruit without anything really ,, dak you have no ambition you never lose weight I was enough sami zik a few people that is fat and after that I am not ambitious to lose weight ,, when I saw a weak one I was dying and I wasn't weak either ,, and for about a year now I'll tell you k tormenting me in one I fight with these kg before I call it pasa akum I kept the diet with cabbage soup but not with fruit with nim only with cabbage spa so in 5 days I will tell you k I gave 5kg it was great and the green tea was good for me the box is pink and I drink excess tea. until at a time when I lost 9kg with green tea and there was no net dp diet that I shouldn't look at akum I have 1.64h, and 58kg vessels I advise you to keep it but dak hurry to lose weight you have to keep it just with cabbage soup and lots of water we kissed dak you want more details get my id [email protected] good luck girls.

for those who can't eat the cabbage from the herd to blend it and drink it, that's what I do and it's much better and the results are visible from the 2nd day. good luck

Hi, I'm on my third day of dieting and I feel great, lighter and more full of energy, but my appetite is watery. I also drink a cup of saccharin and I feel better. good luck

I have problems eating cabbage soup but I found the capsule soup as a substitute for cabbage soup, I ordered it from the casseroles on the internet and it worked for me, I admit, I also moved. good luck!

Hi girls, I started the cure today, I hope it works. success :)

Meatball soup

How many housewives, so many meatball soup recipes, but I stay true to my mother's recipe, which I have loved since I was little (and my mother's soup). For mom's soup, we need:
& # 8211 1 / 2kg minced meat
& # 8211 1/2 cup rice
& # 8211 a medium onion
& # 8211 5 carrots
& # 8211 one or
& # 8211 2 gulii
& # 8211 a parsnip
& # 8211 1/2 celery
& # 8211 salt, pepper
& # 8211 a bag envelope

To start, we clean the vegetables, put them in a large grater and boil them in 3-4 liters of salted water (to taste). Meanwhile, prepare the meatballs: cut the onion into small pieces, fry it in a little oil, wash the rice well and heat it together with the onion, 4-5 minutes on low heat. Then take off the heat, mix with the minced meat, egg, season with salt and pepper and form the meatballs, about the size of a cherry (they swell when boiled). When the vegetables boil, we can add the meatballs and the borscht sachet.

Leave the meatball soup on the fire until the meatballs are cooked. Some housewives straighten meatball soup with sour cream, but I prefer to leave it like that, and everyone will put their sour cream on the plate, according to taste. Also, it is not obligatory to grate the vegetables, but I do this for 2 reasons: one on hand because it boils much faster and two on hand because the fussy ones can't choose the carrot from the plate and are forced to eat it. 8230 hahaha By the way & # 8230 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!