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Grilled chicken soup

Grilled chicken soup

Wash the wings, boil them in cold salted water. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

When the meat is boiling, froth well and add the carrot and gulia and the cleaned but whole onion and let it boil together.

When the meat is almost cooked, add the rice and the delicate pepper. Bring to the boil for a few minutes, then add the borscht and bring to the boil a few times, then turn off the heat.

Separately mix the egg yolks with sour cream, and after the soup has cooled a little, mix together, and add green parsley.

Good appetite!

Egg rag soup

Who doesn't know the classic recipe for egg rag soup that he tried at least once as a child? We decided to teach you how to prepare it, to pass it on, from generation to generation. The taste is unique, and in its preparation you can even add meat, chicken breast being recommended. Here are the steps needed to prepare a soup with rags of egg!

Ingredients for scrambled egg soup:

1.5 liters of juice in which he boiled a chicken
1/2 celery
1/2 onion
1/2 bell pepper
1/2 carrot
1 red
1 or
sea ​​salt
freshly ground black pepper
1/2 bunch of green or larch parsley

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4 steps to prepare egg rag soup:

1. Wash celery, onion, bell pepper, carrot and tomato well under a stream of cold water. Celery, onion and carrot are cleaned and finely chopped. Remove the stalk with the pepper seeds and chop it as well.

2. In a large pot, add the juice in which he boiled a chicken with diced celery, carrots, peppers and onions. Leave it to boil until all the vegetables are soft. If you do not have juice from a chicken soup, you can even add chicken to the recipe or boil the vegetables in plain water.

3. After the vegetables have boiled, add the diced tomatoes and let the soup boil 2-3 more times. Meanwhile, break the egg into a bowl and beat well. Add a little juice over the egg, mix well, then put in the pot with soup. They can also be put in noodles, according to your preferences.

4. Mix well, so that the egg scraps come off well in the whole composition. Leave it on the fire for a while, then add the green parsley or larch, washed and finely chopped beforehand.

Greek-style chicken soup

Wash the chicken well and cut it into pieces. In a larger pot, boil the chicken. Foam well, until no more foam forms on the surface. We clean all the vegetables and cut them into large pieces, except for one carrot, and put them in the pot. Cover with a lid and let it boil for about an hour.

When the meat is well cooked, take it out and strain the soup. Break the meat into strips or cut it into suitable cubes (I did so). I mixed half of the cooked vegetables, less the bell pepper and put the pasta over the juice.

Wash the rice and boil it with a little salt.

In a larger bowl put the yolks and sour cream and mix well. Put a few tablespoons of soup (6-7), over the yolks, stirring well after each one so that the composition does not cheese.

Pour slowly into the soup pot and mix with a spoon or polish until all the liquid reaches the same temperature. Add the meat and drained rice to the pot. Add the lemon juice (first put only half so that it does not grow too hard), and then add more if necessary.

Add salt to taste. Grate the carrot left on the grater with small mesh and put it to harden. When it turned golden, we strained the beautifully colored juice over the soup. Let the soup simmer for another 10-15 minutes, to get the meat to taste. Turn off the heat and add the greens.

For hairpins: 500 g of minced pork, beef or veal, 60-80 g of rice, a suitable onion, 1 egg, thyme, parsley, the core of a slice of white bread soaked in water and squeezed well, 1-2 tablespoons of flour.

For the soup: 2-3 liters of water or meat broth, ½ pepper, 1 onion, 1 carrot, optionally a piece of leek, 2 tablespoons oil, salt, pepper, chopped greens (celery leaves, larch, dill, parsley), borscht or pickled cabbage juice to taste, 2 egg yolks, sour cream or yogurt in addition possible: hot peppers, mujdei, a tomato cut into pieces. [1] [2].

Hairpins: First boil 500 ml. of lightly salted water in a saucepan. When the water boils, add the rice and cook for two minutes. Drain the rice and rinse under running cold water. To the meat add very finely chopped onion, boiled rice, egg, greens, salt and pepper, maybe a teaspoon of sweet paprika, to taste. Knead the composition well. Then take it with a teaspoon of meat, about as big as an olive (in other recipes as big as a plum) and twist it in the wet palm to get the round shape. After that, the meatballs are rolled in flour.

Soup: Grate the vegetables and onions through a grater with large holes or cut into matches (julienne) and harden with about two tablespoons of oil to develop its flavor. When the salted water or meat broth has started to boil, put the meatballs and cook for about 5 minutes on low heat until they float in the juice. At the end, add the vegetables and greens, as well as the borscht, leaving the soup covered for about three minutes. Whip the cream (or yogurt) with the yolks and two tablespoons of cold water, then dilute with a pinch of hot soup and then pour into the pot. Finally, the taste of salt, pepper and sour matches. Serve with some cream / yogurt and chopped parsley or green dill. [1] [2]

Tangerine, cold Bulgarian cucumber soup with yogurt

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You can only use chicken breast, you don't have to put rice, and when it's almost ready if you like you can put 2 bay leaves. Instead of parsley you can put green larch. Proposal: instead of lemon you can add balsamic vinegar, it's great)

instead of sour cream I add it to soup with tomato juice, I like it more in taste and appearance, thanks for the recipe

I just tried the recipe too. but something I think I didn't do well ... on the part with the egg mixed with milk, it's like the soup or something was cut when I added the egg and the milk in it. it's the first time I put eggs in a basket (in our area no such soups are prepared). My question would be, how does the part with eggs and milk come exactly? and when to put cream? How should the soup look? If anyone has any good advice. :)

Paula, in order not to cut the soup, you must gradually add a few tablespoons of hot soup to the mixture of eggs and milk, beating continuously with a whisk. Add the hot soup, in small quantities, until the mixture reaches the soup temperature in the pot, then pour the mixture back into the soup pot.

the recipe was invented by me.

For most girls, no soup is boiled after the egg has been added because it is cut.

Hi even though I'm a boy, I think I'm good at cooking. therefore, please allow me to make some corrections: @Koukla: Geta is absolutely right: you said it right, until I added it to the pot. the pot is removed from the heat. only then pour the composition (yolk with sour cream) back into the pot. and does not back down. even if you add flour. it is known that if you straighten it with sour cream and flour, you have to let it boil a little and the flour should boil a little. If you straighten it with flour, egg and sour cream, just take it off the heat, pour the mixture and leave it covered. it will suffocate and it will be ok. @Elena - it's soup, not soup. I know that in Transylvania we all have soups, but it's wrong. this is @ioan lucian david soup - if you add it with tomato juice, then it is no longer called Greek chicken soup, but lucian chicken soup. @Ilincica - not that you can only use chicken breast, the recipe is actually with chicken breast. this with whole chickens or other stuff is improvisation. Greek chicken soup is made with chicken breast. You don't have to add rice. Well, no one forces you, but if you want to make Greek chicken soup, you MUST put rice. DO NOT put laurel. you can put larch in oltenia, but you can't put larch in Greek chicken soup. and instead of lemon you can't put anything else if you want it to be "Greek style" soup. this is the specificity of "a la grec" soups, as they are added with lemon / lemon salt.

congratulations! You taught a group of women. BRAVO BOY.

I think you're a cook who knows so well. good for you. congratulations. we should have a party where you can cook us something good. zau asa. we also learn something. I'm willing to learn something about cooking anytime, because ... I cook with pleasure.

bravo with your comment I really realized that I can't improvise greeting cards, that's why in the big restaurants there are only men because they don't deviate from the letter of the culinary law.

Well done to Gabi. Congratulations. How to get all men involved in cooking. How good we would be.

I am a Romanian who has been in New Zealand for a while and it is still difficult for me to adapt to the style of food here, so I was looking for a soup that I liked and I found this recipe that honestly does not seem too explicit. Luckily Gabi gave the clarifications of the line. Thank you

bravo gabi. I'm a cook but everywhere I ate that Greek chicken soup I didn't feel rice, maybe that's how I do it I don't know? but today I had a craving for soup and I went in to argue and I found it strange that rice is put in that soup, but what about the egg is no longer boiling. thanks.

How about I put the lemon peel in the soup?

Hello. I have a question too. Type 2 ..what would work. After initially serving a Greek chicken soup? Thank you.

I know that you only put yolk with sour cream at the end, Gabi also said it, the egg white spoils all the rice I didn't know, I like it anyway, I won't even try the laurel I didn't know, and the parsley is served separately, That's how I know Greek chicken soup: white-yellow, with pieces of meat and sour-sour, mhhh, it was raining in my mouth. success in everything you do

I don't know if it's still a nailed rule, but in Greek soup you always put rice, at least that was the rule. Maybe some things will change. Gabi, you were right in everything he said and it's true that in many restaurants The best chefs are men, but let's not make a new prejudice, there are also exceptions for women who are extraordinary and who prepare anything delicious, whether they are established recipes or novelties. What is essential to remember is that if we decide to make a certain recipe eg "a la grec", "meuniere", "potughez", "bolognese" etc etc, there are certain ingredients that we can't do without modifying ourselves the essence of the preparation. Many kisses!

Hi girls, I cook this dish quite often and it's really ok. About milk. I don't use milk but I put more cream to make it more consistent (and it's not nauseous. literally) and it doesn't "cut" at all because before straightening the soup I stop the fire and let it about 20-30 minutes to "more". the fire comes out of it "as they say and I add it with lemon. when it is almost cooked, cut a lemon in half and throw it in the pot, but it must be left too much in the pot because the soup is bitter. Mmmmmm. I'm at work now and I'm already hungry.

Oh, I forgot. Dear Ylva, you are right. to the soup to the Greek mandatory rice. that we still replace the vinegar with borscht with lemon salt with lemon or I know what, it's one, but let's still follow the recipe. otherwise. it's not Greek anymore

Hi. I also make this recipe very often. but the difference is that I boil two potatoes. and then after the vegetables are cooked I pass them and mix them with the soup. it gives it an extra consistency and believe me it's great. otherwise in the sea it's about the same. sometimes I don't lay an egg and it's ok and without. I say try this option too. great appetite: D

cream with egg or milk with egg is added when the soup is a little hot, not hot because then it seems to "cut" then put it on the fire until it burns a little on the tongue.

after all, what about the egg, only the yolk or the whole egg?

dear Oana, in Greek soup, mix only the yolk with sour cream and pour into the soup after it has stopped boiling!

bravo to you and I am an avid cook and I cook every day and at home and at work and I steal my job from the older ones than me congratulations gabi

I've been making this recipe for a long time and I only put beaten eggs and I put sour cream on the plate, the rest I still do the same and it's excellent

I'll try tomorrow too, I hope it goes well. I honestly haven't eaten until tomorrow, but I heard it's good. And the recipe sounds good.

super good. I kept doing it..the Romanian recipe. made in Greece and super appreciated by my (Greek) husband and me. thank you very much for the recipe :)

Hello girls, I have a special pleasure for cooking and I can tell you that the recipe in the article is not the original one. lemon juice is put when the cube boils before adding the egg and sour cream dressing and for a more special aroma like greens add dill

Hello girls, I have a special pleasure for cooking and I can tell you that the recipe in the article is not the original one. lemon juice is put when the cube boils before adding the egg and sour cream dressing and for a more special aroma like greens add dill

I have a goodness. I made a few more and I didn't really follow the recipe, for cream and milk, but I tell you honestly, a goodness

if you are such a skilled baker how come you don't know that lemon salt is nothing but E 330 - citric acid, the most dangerous carcinogenic addition everyone has something to learn so when you make remarks give up the top tone)

Given that I work in a restored 5 ***** not in Romania and the pot I'm on is not really relevant, I think I could say one thing "Gabi" is absolutely right about the soup "a in Greek "and I honestly think it referred to the recipe as it is original! as for the fact that he mentioned lemon salt, well. for those who don't know, all the restaurants in this world use it and because he is a professional chef it is a probable professional defect. Do you think that what you eat in restaurants is 100% natural? you have chosen to cook at home, then it is up to you what you use as a substitute. but the moment everyone comes up with a personal idea that food is no longer called as in the recipe! it is noticeable lemon, not halves of lemon because it is bitter anyway, not with seeds, not lemon peels, that a big and fluffy cake will come out at the end. good luck to the girls and honestly I would like you to respect the recipes as they are, not with chicken wings or I don't know what else because that's not called cooking and playing in the kitchen. a wonderful day to all!

CONGRATULATIONS GABI! Thanks for the tips.

I haven't tried this recipe.

I'm happy when I read, especially recipes. In my time, I had a cookbook that I still keep and now I look at it in the moments when I don't know what to do with food, otherwise with age, I keep an eye on everything and I don't make a second portion, I make 7 ltr. of soup, then the second course, something, that is, about 30, 35 sarmale and much more. I'm glad that young people are learning to cook.

girls do not put rice. in order not to cut, take the pot after the fire, add the lemon juice to the pot, gradually add the yolks rubbed with sour cream diluted with the juice from the pot and simmer for 5 minutes as the meatball is no longer on the fire. I tell you from experience ''!

let you know that you are absolutely right in your corrections. bv

let you know that you are absolutely right in your corrections. bv

let you know that you are absolutely right in your corrections. bv

I set out to cook this soup at the Easter table when we gather our friends - I wouldn't want to give it to the bar! : the right sour cream is added after removing the pot from the fire - can it happen that the sour cream that has not been boiled with the sour soup is already firm?

where did you see lemon in the soup ??

by the way. if I strain the vegetables and chicken. what do I do with 1 kg of chicken. I fish it among vegetables.

Sour soup with lemon is divine !!

I also ate super soup but honestly I never managed to make it but I think I'll make it tomorrow to see if I succeed

you praised this soup too much. I'll try to do it too.

super please tell me the recipe that based on women who give advice from hearsay without checking who knows who comes out please. as far as I know you're right only the chicken breast is used .I know it's a kind of ..belly soup ..I don't eat belly soup as it looks the same and I want to try ms you were concrete

This soup is my favorite, but I never made it, k at my house cooks mommy (and makes mommy a meal.). it seems that from now on I will cook alone. with the phone to his ear, the laptop to the kitchen, the cookbooks lined up. he he he what life awaits me. in the end I hope it goes well, so I had a craving.

how to do it exactly because I'm dusty my wife left me and I got tired of french fries and eggs or omelette some tips for a cloud dependent on my wife

for adrian: damn brother. put your hand up and get your wife back, otherwise she'll have trouble cooking on her own. :))

today I make this soup for the first time I hope it comes out, but I don't think I'll put rice I don't really like it in the soup thank you I'll tell you if it comes out good

I was confused. I'm trying to make this soup too and so many tips have confused me: Give it the first time I make a soup and I hope I can eat it

The whole recipe is OK, until the phase with the eggs and the hot soup, the eggs are not put whole (I don't mean the shell) of the comment with "cut" "soup.

I honestly didn't like it too much, but the belly soup. soup panarama.

If it is left to boil for another 4-5 minutes, it is cheeseed. Then I honestly don't like to be heated. It is very good eaten, then fresh, I tried the recipe and the taste is great.

it is a very good and easily digestible soup, but I also add a clove of crushed garlic and vinegar, and for an extra taste, a very finely chopped hot pepper. Boil the vegetables whole and take them out after boiling. Try this option as well.

only egg yolks are used. in them put sour cream and lemon juice. the juice is left to cool and gradually add little by little over the yolks mixed with sour cream and lemon juice. dill gives it a special aroma.

for LUIZA, if we stay to praise her like that, it's nothing good! lemon salt nustiu what it is, that cream is not only good because the cow is stressed, the lemon only tastes good and is also dry: -j. so make yourself a salad :)

I thought these comments came to explain the recipe. and I still thought that people would go into recipes to cook something, but I see that most of the comments are to "measure ourselves in front of the block" like: "what good did you say to him", "did you give him lessons", etc etc

I thought these comments came to explain the recipe. and I still thought that people would go into recipes to cook something, but I see that most of the comments are to "measure ourselves in front of the block" like: "what good did you say to him", "did you give him lessons", etc etc

if you put garlic, it is called Radauti soup, which is a kind of combination between the Greek one and the belly soup. I'm not an expert to know if it's a good recipe or not because I don't cook Greek chicken soup like this, but I could say that I also add a little pea and it turns out very good. dill is not put.

if you put garlic, it is called Radauti soup, which is a kind of combination between the Greek one and the belly soup. I'm not an expert to know if it's a good recipe or not because I don't cook Greek chicken soup like this, but I could say that I also add a little pea and it turns out very good. dill is not put.


do you put pepper in the soup? I don't see why I should pepper.

for Greek soup is used Gran Cucina is a sauce based on vegetable fats and whey. Guaranteed no longer cut like sour cream. It can be found in any store

I bet this juice has no taste. eat brothers at a restaurant 2-3 and then cook at home making a comparison .. in the phase with the big kitchen you broke me. do we put parmesan cheese? or we leave it like that. unsuccessful experiments in the kitchen. success =)))

A good recipe, but explained too quickly for a "beginner" like me. I wanted to make a Greek chicken soup and a "question" came out. Of course I was fooled by the boiling in the end. The consistency is not nearly the same, but I still have to eat :( I read all the comments now ... and everything related to the final boiling is right. Personally I am very disappointed with the recipe described above.

Ingredients for Greek turkey soup:

  • 700 grams of turkey (1 pulp + 1 wing)
  • 2 carrots
  • 1 parsnip
  • 1 small celery
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 1 red onion
  • 400 ml sour cream
  • 4 yolks
  • 60 grams of basmati rice with wild
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 dill bindings
  • salt
  • 3.5 & # 8211 4 l apa