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Beef broth with vegetables and horseradish

Beef broth with vegetables and horseradish

The truth is, after I opened the lid of the robot, all my sinuses instantly unclogged and I cried because I couldn't see anything. I wonder how I managed to take pictures.

I always have a jar of grated horseradish in the fridge and we eat steaks, it's sensational!

I had a large horseradish root, I cleaned it, I put it in the robot (it comes out like a small grater), then I put it in a bowl, I added salt, a teaspoon of honey, 3 tablespoons with vinegar and then enough cold water to cover the horseradish. I mixed well. I then put it in a threaded jar and put it in the fridge. I got a 400 g jar.

Beef brushing is simple, but you have to have an iron patience :). I mean, I cooked for him for 5 hours! Yes, FIVE! So think carefully when you want to eat it, take a margin of a few hours. I like it to be very soft!

I had 3 pieces of beef broth with bone (it must be with bone and marrow, the taste is incomparable!), I washed them well and boiled them, then I washed them with cold water and -I boiled it in a large pot with a lot of water. Only once I filled with 1 l of water. Towards the end of cooking I added 2 carrots and an onion and I added salt to taste. I then left them to boil until the vegetables softened.

For the garnish, I boiled a few potatoes and a few bouquets of broccoli and I sliced ​​the boiled carrot with the broth. After the potato boiled I added a little butter, salt and finely chopped parsley.

It looks good, doesn't it? You have to try!

How to prepare beef broth with sauce and potatoes

From which pieces of meat is beef broth made?

We find beef broth either deboned (as I used in this recipe), or sliced ​​crosswise with the bone marrow.

Beef is cleaned of bone chips (especially in the case of sliced ​​bone broth) and boiled in approx. 2 L of cold water. In the same pot add the bones (if any), the desired spices and the two onions. The water should cover the meat with 1 finger.

In which pot do we cook the beef best?

Beef can be boiled in a regular pot with a lid. The time is longer, about 3-4 hours and the cooking is done on low heat. Obviously the cooking time also depends on the size of the piece of meat and the age of the calf it comes from. In this case, the meat is boiled over low heat and the level of the liquid that surrounds it is monitored. If it decreases, it will have to be filled every hour with a cup of hot water.

In our house, beef is boiled in kukta, that pressure cooker (also called miracle pot). Here the cooking time is much reduced, depending on the size of the meat we reach 80-90 minutes. Put the meat in the kukta, pour the water (attention! Kukta has a maximum limit to which it can be filled), add the spices and onions. Close the kukta and bring to the boil. The 80-90 minutes are calculated from the moment when the kukta starts to pheasant, ie it enters the boiling regime.

We can also call on the help of one slow cooker (crock pot). The cooking time increases to 8-10 hours on the AUTO function but the result is the most spectacular. We get a soft, pink meat that does not compare with any of the previous options. Place all the ingredients in a slow cooker, pour enough water to cover them with 1 finger and turn on the appliance. He cooks everything himself, without supervision. The liquid does not decrease!

Is the first water thrown away from the boiled beef?

Obviously NOT! It's the biggest nonsense you can do. Discard the best of the meat. Until 2-3 years ago I did not hear such a thing, to throw some water on a boiled meat. I don't know who launched this "fashion" without any logic and without any scientific arguments, but it brought a big disadvantage to the housewives who ended up depriving their family of what is best in the flesh. You can read more about this topic here.

As I said before, the first water from meat is called SOUP! It is eaten, not thrown away!

Beef broth with vegetable garnish and horseradish sauce

Beef broth with vegetable garnish and horseradish sauce: white brine, salt, pepper, horseradish, carrots, celery, bleach, onion, butter, flour, wine vinegar, sugar, sour cream, potatoes, cabbage.

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  • 1,700 kg of white brine with beef bones
  • salt
  • peppercorns
  • 30 g of horseradish ras
  • 250 g carrots
  • 250 g celery
  • 7 50 g bleach
  • 2 onions
  • 50 g butter
  • spoon of flour
  • 1 tablespoon wine vinegar
  • a bit of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon sour cream
  • a few potatoes
  • 1 small white cabbage

Method of preparation:

It counts quickie with 5 l of hot water to boil and when it starts to boil it foams well, salt is added and pepper boabe.

After 45 minutes, add the whole vegetables and cook for another 2 hours or so.

When quickie it is well boiled, cut into slices, put on a hot plate and garnish with vegetables from the soup, with a few potatoes and 1 small cabbage cooked separately.

Serve sauce separately horseradish (he becomes a rancher white from butter, flour, broth soup which is boiled for 5 minutes and added to it shaved horseradish, cream, vinegar, sugar, and salt. Rasol soup it is served with different garnishes (noodles, dumplings, noodles, rice, vegetables, etc.).

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Beef broth with horseradish

Beef broth with horseradish from: beef brine, salt, pepper, horseradish, carrots, celery, bleach, onion, butter, flour, vinegar, sour cream, potatoes, cabbage, sugar.


  • 1.8 kg white brine with beef bones
  • salt
  • peppercorns
  • 50 g of horseradish ras
  • 250 g carrots
  • 250 g celery
  • 150 g bleach
  • 2 onions
  • 60 g butter
  • 1/2 tablespoon flour
  • 1 tablespoon wine vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons sour cream
  • a few potatoes
  • 1 small white cabbage
  • a bit of sugar


Bring the broth to a boil with 5 L of water and, when it starts to boil, take the foam very well. Add salt and peppercorns. After 45 minutes, put the washed and cut vegetables into large pieces.

Let the pot simmer for 2 hours on low heat over low heat. When the broth is cooked, cut it into slices, put it hot on the plate and garnish with the boiled vegetables. Add the boiled potatoes and a piece of boiled cabbage separately.

Prepare a white buttercup from butter, flour, broth soup, boil it for 5 minutes, combine it with grated horseradish, cream, vinegar, sugar, salt.

This is the broth preparation.
Serve the broth with various garnishes, dumplings, noodles, noodles.

Tafelspitz - local Viennese specialty

Boiled beef with super delicious vegetables

  • an old cow muscle
  • sliced ​​onion
  • a carrot
  • a parsley
  • a parsnip
  • peppercorns
  • a bay leaf
  • two cloves
  • a tablespoon of grated salt
  • 4 liters of water

Boil the pot over low heat for about three hours without even touching it, then leave the meat in its juice, cutting as soon as you feel like eating.

Next to it, grated horseradish with cream, a gremolata (a tablespoon of chopped parsley, grated peel of a lemon, two cloves of garlic crushed in mortar, salt and pepper) and boiled potatoes

Recipe of the week - Beef broth

After countless culinary journeys, recipes you can't resist and with 24 years of experience in the art of cooking, Gigi Fedeleș dared to bet on time, managing to revive the long-gone times.

We present you the place where you feel like a prince, a princess and relive the chivalrous spirit. In four words: Dignity, Honor, Tradition and Elegance. Everything under the rule of medieval cuisine. The place where chef Gigi Fedeleș harmoniously combines the old with the new.

How Gigi Fedeleș even tells us the story of the Medieval Castle.

"When I was little I used to draw castles and I said that one day I will make my own castle. And it took me three years to finally build this place and fulfill my dream. I inherited land from my family, at the foot of the Citadel. Even if I would have liked to build somewhere in the woods. And I said I wanted a fortress. And so I changed three architects, until one understood me. I told myself I wanted 12th or 13th century English. And slowly, slowly I started to build everything. I also brought knights, which I made here and they have more than a ton. I was in America and there I saw most of the knights. And I took pictures. After those photos I took them here with our craftsmen. It was a titanic job ", says Gigi Fedeleș.

"I was afraid of raw meat

It's hard to believe how Gigi Fedeleș discovered the art of cooking. While her parents saw her future at CFR, at a fairly young age, Gigi Fedeleș first got her hands on a pan to cook her father's schnitzels. Maybe they weren't the best, despite the fact that he hated meat and was afraid of it. Thus, Gigi Fedeleș discovered her talent in the kitchen, following a path full of adventures and spices. After graduating from high school, he went abroad. There he discovered international cuisine and returned home to share it with Romanians.

"After five years abroad, I decided to return home. To work for our Romanians as we work for foreigners. So that we can get up too. That's after I invested a lot of money in cookbooks ", said Gigi Fedeleș.

Hundreds of recipes learned by Gigi Fedeleș all these years have brought her success among chefs as well. The chef now only goes to international competitions, where aces in the kitchen no longer have secrets. For Gigi Fedeleș, the competitions ended up being like injections of adrenaline. And he always feels proud to get on the podium as a Romanian.

What to eat at the Medieval Castle?

It is also eaten in Romanian and is eaten only in very large portions, Gigi Fedeleș confessed to us. Old recipes, acquired even from grandparents and cooked internationally and in the simplest way possible. So I asked him to present us with a recipe.

Recipe of the week - Beef broth.

- Rasol 500 grams

- Vegetables 200 grams

- Beetroot and horseradish

The broth is wrapped in aluminum foil, add spices and bay leaves and put in the oven with a tray filled with water for 4 hours at 180 degrees steam + dry (steam in half).

Meanwhile, the steamed mixed vegetables are also being prepared.

After four hours, place the broth on the plate with the vegetables. Add horseradish and beetroot salad with horseradish.

A simple, healthy and seasonal recipe.

If the medieval cuisine was characterized by an abundance of spices and sour sauces, Gigi Fedeleş harmoniously combines the old with the new, weighting the concentrations, thus simplifying the traditional recipes, giving them a personal "touch". A disciple of the culinary arts, he manages to pave the way for a healthy diet, presenting to the generations of workers the secrets of the art of cooking. Its basic principle was the elimination of banal recipes from restaurants, bringing a new breath through international dishes, thus educating the taste of customers in the West.

If you want to enjoy all the important moments in your life, come and find the right atmosphere in a fairytale location. The Medieval Knight Restaurant offers its guests two beautiful rooms: the Throne Room and the Arthur Hall.

The Throne Room, with an interior railing and a height of 8 meters, is a perfect room for organizing events with a capacity of 200-300 people. The Arthur Hall is perfect for organizing smaller events with a capacity of about 70 people with an expansion of up to 120 people.

Two terraces arranged at different heights are available to find the right place where you can leisurely admire the surroundings.

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